Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Torn apart

We're always hoping for something good to happen. Even though we didnt put high hope on it we're still hoping for the best right? yeah.

When the result turn the other way around, I believe that we torn apart. We kept saying in our heart that we didnt really put high hope but we still upset about it. I can't really say im ok with that but I always remind myself that I dont deserve that. I deserve something much2 better than that. (sedapkan hati)

By the way, I got a lot of things to do so dont really have time on that. If I join them, I may lose concentration on my studies. Now on, dont want to bother about all those things. Lot of opportunities out there and much2 better than IBM. Move on girl!!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

£ 150 such a good investment right ??

Business Law by Denis Keenan and Sarah Riches £ 25

Principles of Marketing by Philip Kotler, Gary Armstrong 3rd European Edition £ 10

Principles of external auditing by Brenda Porter, Jon Simon and David Hatherly, 2nd edition £ 10

Me now selling all those books since I need money to buy new books for 3rd year. Anyone interested just hit me back yaaah.

Need to collect £150 to buy all stuffs for 3rd year. Consequences: no plan for holiday----no money laaaa but good investment for my future.