Friday, 31 December 2010

Year end

Oh me God, I haven't update anything ages.. lol Busy?? not really. These days, I just don't have gut to do anything. Back from work, I just want to rest. My brain is full with test, burn in, die, wafer all those stuffs from the plant I work with. Ok lets talk about my first day at work.

I went there quite early and as usual I was so nervous. I thought I was the one who registered on that day but then I met others. Unfortunately, no one work same cost center as mine. On the first day, I was briefed by my senior on the plant business. It was complicated than I expected but I managed to jot down important point. To be honest, it will takes time to digest those info. Hopefully, everything will be good in the end.

The environment is absolutely different than audit firm, bank or any other industries. The structure of the organization is quite flat since its US company. In here, I report straight to the manager. We don't really have senior exec, assistant manager something like that. Weird aite?? I don't think so. Until now, I'm not really clear what am I suppose to do since I'm still newbie. Luckily, they always make sure I'm on the right track. The brief idea of my job scope covers costing, reporting, analysing. Almost everything I bet.

Ok enough talk about my job. My colleague asked me yesterday about my resolution for 2011. Seriously, I never have any resolution for new year. haha.. I know that we need to pin point our dreams, ambitions so that we can focus on make it comes true. Many people always misleading this. They always make a good resolution but when the new year come, they get busy again and start to forget those resolutions that they had made before. No point isn't??. For me, no need to wait for new year to come everytime you want to make a good resolution. I would say, its really vital to make it real once you made resolutions. But people view it with their eyes so I don't have right to tell what is right or wrong to them.

Whatever it is, if you feel it good for yourself, go for it! May 2011, bring us joy, happiness and prosperity in our life.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

My jeenie jeans

Since almost everyone keep on talking about their clothes, bags, accessories, etc, I think its good for me to brag about my collections. I don't really have big wardrobe but I absolutely adore everything that I have. But this time, I want to show off my jeans collection. I rarely buy jeans here. One of the reasons is because of the cutting. In here, the cutting normally suits for people with small hip and waist. If I buy one, I need to find jeans that fit my hip and ended up with big size (especially at waist) which I need to alter a bit. Frankly speaking, I really hate that part. When I went to the UK, gosh, finally I found what jeans that really suits me.

oasis sapphire jeans, cutting-not sure. Its very loose jeans and for sure it can fit anyone. Even though, its quite baggy but it look nice on me.

faded blue high waist. My one and only high waist. Got it from Next, last year christmas. One thing bad about Next clearance, they didn't provide fitting room. What I did is, I tried it on at GAP. Straight away to my wardrobe after that. ;)

skinny flare and flare. I had both. I was quite obsessed on them last year. I saw my friend wore it and I can't sleep at all thinking that I need to get them. lol. Frankly speaking, its hard to fit my hip and I spent a lot of time tried to find the perfect one.

Boyfriend jeans. I can't believe they have my size!! haha. I got it from zara. Its really nice but sometimes it look weird since you need to fold them a bit. At first, I thought that it was designed for tall but then I realised that's the style y'oll.

Bell bottom and boot cut. In here, I can't fit either since the designed of the jeans are quite tight at hip but I found few that fit me well.

boyfriend fit jeans ....the strap at the back of the jeans tell you straight away that it is boyfriend fit.

skinny jeans. Before this, I wore my skinny jeans with boots and it didn't look weird, not at all. Now I feel like "REMPIT" except that I didn't have a motor bike or they called it here, motor cabuk!

straight cut jeans. Even though, I got lots of jeans, but until now, I still use same jeans, straight cut jeans to go everywhere since its not fancy at all. just simple jeans. I need to suit those jeans with the right clothes anyway. Lazy to do