Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Dunia yang luas

yeah dunia mmg luas and me still in this stupid box. "tolong lah keluar" I kept telling myself to do that but I still standing here, not moving even an inch! apekah??? Dunia ni besar kenapa la I always looking at one side? ntah la.

Im hoping that i can get out from this box and looking at dunia luar as too many good things I should see, touch and learn.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Kemahuan dan Keinginan

1. Sy mahu white xmas di Edinburgh mahupun Bangor!

2. I want wii.....tolong lah kalo ade sape2 nak bagi.... x nak la demand sgt, X box 360 pun jd la

3. Nak pergi TURKEY this spring! tp tiket agak2 mahal....skali lagi sape rasa2 ade duit lebih sedekah la kat aku skit.....sesungguhnya Allah akan bls jasa org itu....hehe

4. Whoever feel that this winter holiday kind of dull, boring dan sewaktu dgn nyer bleh la buatkan my accounting theories and practice assignment as well as my taxation assignment. I really appreciate that.

5. Rasa nak main SKI juga winter or spring ni, would like anyone who kaya to support me! gedik kan!

6. Ok la lastly, If I didnt get any of those, satu je yg nak sgt! graduate with flying colours!

Monday, 30 November 2009

Howdy friends...

Its been along time aku x update blog ni, sgt mls since skang super duper busy. x la busy sgt pun sbnrnye....standard aku la...malas..

Ok skang ni Im so busy with coursework, nak hbs sem ar byk la yg nak kena hantar, awl2 dulu mls nak buat skang terhegeh-hegeh la siapkan.... another thing, I actually joined the IBM contest since one of the group member kuar x tau la knape, then marwan invited me to join them, thank god finally got it....I was so happy when he called me and invited me but then when I went to the meeting, damnn...I was quite left behind and I hate it. really need to catch up and to be honest, I felt that I want to quit but then think about it again, marwan already gave me a chance to join then I spoil it....so as a result, I just go with the group. Game x la susah, but I need to do some calculation part and have to be good in business practically. My group members consist of 2 chinese and 2 caucasian. Chinese guy in my group was extremely good in business even my group leader actually depend on him. every week he came out with all those market ratio, market info ohh whatsoever la....gler brilliant! as usual I just stared at them since im not business student but I did the calculation part ok! Now, we just wait for the last trading result for round 1, if we get through then we practically get to the semi final which held around uk, london, birmingham, ediburgh...lets pray to Allah that I can make it! really wanna be in semi final!

ok2, enough for IBM. last 2 weeks, I went to manchester and of course la singgah primark...primark ni kedai baju yg sgt murah dan cantik but the quality not really good. basically what you paid, then you got it la. I dont care about that, I spent 60 pound la kan, wahahaha....x leh blah kan. skali skala ok la kan. tetiba teringat something. people when they're not rich they will go to some kind of this shop la kan but when they rich, they just pretend dont know this shop. Hey boleh jalan la......I hate this people, cam lupa daratan laa kan, dulu masa ko susah2 same2 je g dgn aku, primark la kan, but then when you tetiba kaya, ko tengok aku pun x nak....GTH la. When they got JIMMY CHOO, oh god, I dont know primark, where is that?? ahaha bodoh sungguh! ok actually, i wasnt refer this to primark at all, sape yg mkn cili terasa la pedas nyer.... mls nak terang pnjg2, biar aku je la yg faham.

oh x sabar nak cuti. this year im not going to europe, mahal ok and x untung langsung. uk currency dropped from last year so mmg x untung. This year jalan2 uk je la kot. duit lg mau kuar.........argghh. Esok start december, one month before new year..... sungguh cepat! then exam, then class, cuti, exam and finally grad! keje then! arggh bosan sungguh! bleh tak x keje??? ahahah, ok you can kick me!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Torn apart

We're always hoping for something good to happen. Even though we didnt put high hope on it we're still hoping for the best right? yeah.

When the result turn the other way around, I believe that we torn apart. We kept saying in our heart that we didnt really put high hope but we still upset about it. I can't really say im ok with that but I always remind myself that I dont deserve that. I deserve something much2 better than that. (sedapkan hati)

By the way, I got a lot of things to do so dont really have time on that. If I join them, I may lose concentration on my studies. Now on, dont want to bother about all those things. Lot of opportunities out there and much2 better than IBM. Move on girl!!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

£ 150 such a good investment right ??

Business Law by Denis Keenan and Sarah Riches £ 25

Principles of Marketing by Philip Kotler, Gary Armstrong 3rd European Edition £ 10

Principles of external auditing by Brenda Porter, Jon Simon and David Hatherly, 2nd edition £ 10

Me now selling all those books since I need money to buy new books for 3rd year. Anyone interested just hit me back yaaah.

Need to collect £150 to buy all stuffs for 3rd year. Consequences: no plan for holiday----no money laaaa but good investment for my future.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Go Away My dear

Can't even see you again. Totally hate you..... but you...........

still come near to me, please!!! leave me alone. don't wanna think about you. The fact is I can't really stay far away from you. Even though I hate you damn much, deep down in my heart, I still need you. You'll definitely light up my life but I can't really love you.

Oh God, why this happened to me???? Sometimes I wondering, why should you come to me again, why dont you just go away??? I can't even hide myself from you. You'll definitely know where I am.

To be honest, I hate you "Probability" but I know I'll be dealing with you the rest of my life...........

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


adoiii dull sgt kan entry aku nih??? ye sgt2...whatever la..

kalo kat msia, normally we eat something heavy la kan cam nasi but here Im too lazy to go downstairs so I prefer frosted shreddies for my sahur meal. ahahaa malas sungguh kan aku ini. ar mesti korg heran, nak makan benda alah ni pun kena gak amik susu kat dlm peti ais kat bwh tuh...

dgn aku x yah susah....ahaha. aku just bukak tingkap then grab it. turun dr langit. hikhik...ok the truth is I never keep my milk in the fridge. just kept it outside. superr malas kan.. organic la katakan. sini dah start sejuk so no prob la kalo kita letak makanan2 sejuk beku diluar fridge. tp kalo ais krim tu, waa x tau la...cair jugak kot.

Got some bread here, but jemu la makan roti hari2... tmbh2 sahur plak...tp bedal je la. puasa pun tnggl bape hari dah. then raya. then aku start klass...hmmm same things goes around lg. dah name pun student x kan la bukak semester aku g holiday....apekah????

Today's plan

5.30 am : try to finish my assignment given by dr. aziz yg dah lame kasi tp aku x buat2 lg

12.00 pm: meeting with marwan...yeaaay ahahaa...date dgn mamat ensem mane x suka aku

3.00 pm : wat bubur pisang + jagung, ye la hari2 kak zana masak, naik segan gak aku

7.30 pm : ape lg melantak la u'olls

dlm byk2 agenda ni, im looking forward to meet marwan....ahaha kenapakah???? nnt la aku citer.

Move on

nothing much to say here. I arrived at bangor on 13th and really missed home that time. pejam celik dah 3 bulan aku blk msia. so now its the right time to move on la kan. looking forward sgt nak start klass. hopefully i can finish everything cepat2.

sini raya hari ahad. me, im not looking forward pun nak raya. cam aliaa ckp colourless eid. dia ckp camtu sbb ayah dia dah x de.aku rs la....ape2 pun slamat hari raya suma... knape bg aku colourless?? ar sbb masa puasa tu my atuk already cooked ketupat rendang suma so im not into raya sgt laa. lg satu no bj raya this year. Mum tried to find one for me but me dont want any. benci laaaa. dah berkenan x de size......bodoh. penat je try...ape2 pun bj kurung kat sini pun dah byk so x de yg br pun x pe coz me just wear it once. ahahha siot kan.

ape lg ek yg mahu dibebelkan?? hmmm
no idea la..
ok2 ape pun selamat hari raya again and maaf zahir batin. may this eid bring us meaningful eid.

Monday, 24 August 2009


Before I start bebelling x tentu arah just wanna wish "selamat berpuasa" to everyone. May this Ramadhan bring good things to us.

In this holy month, we are asked by God to do good things so I decided to share something interesting and we should avoid from doing it. I went to mosque most of these days and got this from there. After we finished terawih, there will be kuliyah and during that, the ustaz will explain the meaning of the surah that they recite during solat. Mom found that all those info quiet interesting so she didnt allowed me to go home early and I was like.....arghhh you know it!

Apparently, when I listened to him, I agreed with Mom. Just now, he explained about "Bomoh" and black magic. He mentioned the surah but I already forgot it...sorry but it doesnt matter as long as we understand the context. What he was trying to say is, as a muslim we're not allowed to ask a favour from "Bomoh" which is practising black magic. Syirik ok! People from the past had done this and we should learn from the past so we won't do the same thing. Even though now we're living in the millineum era, it doesnt mean that we're free from all those " Bomoh " thingy. Again, I agreed with that, definitely.

Some people this day full of hatred inside them. If they want something, they will try as hard as they can to achieve it. Dad, always remind me about that. Sometimes, they will use us to achieve their mission and of course it could be unfair. That is a real world. We can't avoid it but as a good muslim we need to know where are we sitting on this earth. Just need to remember that all those "Bomoh" thingy doesnt stay long. Back to the ustaz, he then stressed that if we want to be a good ummah just remember that this "Bomoh" thingy already exist in the past and we now need to avoid learn or practise it. InsyaAllah, we'll be loved by Allah Taala. We're not suppose to repeat any single bad things that happened in the past. However, we need to know and learn how to make our life more better than people from the past.

Cam karangan la plak but deep inside my heart, Im glad that I can share this small piece of info to everyone.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Mangsa Fashion

slalu kita dgr mangsa dera, mangsa banjir laa but today I want to say something about this mangsa fashion.

nak tau siapa mangsa fashion tu? ok2 let see this pic.

ahaha dont ask me who the hell is this coz I also dont know. just grabbed this from google on weird fashion. Ok2 back to our topic. Nowadays, people crazy about branded items and dont really care about the design of the items. for instance, LV's bag. Ok obviously aku cam anti LV la kan. ahahaha. Buruk2 LV tu pun ramai gak org beli. sebab ape, suma kejar brand nyer and of course if someone carry it we can judge her that she is super rich la kan. Kalo ade org kasi aku free, aku pki la, kalo nak beli tolonglahhhhhhhhhhhh baik aku g travel mane2 lg worth it.

This morning, I read something interesting jugak la psl branded items nih. For people who in middle class yg agak2 nak bergaya cam org super rich tp x berduit cam aku nih, ahaha leh la rent those branded items dgn reasonable price. arrr mesti korg x faham kan camne tuh??
Camni la cter nyer, diorg skang tau ramai yg nak bergaya nih tp x berduit nak beli bag tangan Looouiiis Vuitton tu dgn harga 10k. yo la gaji pun x smpi 2k nak beli beg 10k. so diorg kasi la korg pinjm dgn cara deposit kan duit korg (save deposits) brape nak deposit? ar aku pun x tau la kan. Ok then, you can borrow it as long as you want. They will deduct the rent fees through the save deposits you give. Nak buat harta pun boleh tp nnt korg nyer duit burn la kan.

sampai begitu skali la kan....Aku cter kat mak aku and one thing she said " Yuck!" ahahaha....tau kenapa? mak aku kata eiiii ntah ape2 la org sebelum tu taruk dlm handbag dia tetiba dpt kat kita lak... sungguh tidak hygienic. ye la dah adat pinjam kan. ahaha

Eh, aku rasa cam salah topic lak. ahaha Ok2. I really want to share that info to all of you coz for me something that interesting and girl out there should know about it. Yg aku kata psl mangsa fashion ni, I read my friend punyer friend punyer friend blog just now. She is obsessed with branded items nih. Most of her clothes, shoes, trousers, jewelleries suma branded. adakah aku jealous??? ahahahaa oh tidak kerana aku tidak berkenan sgt cr dia dress up. Ni la yg aku kt mangsa fashion.

She wears everything in one time and aku rasa sgt serabut. ahahaa...ok2 in the first place I dont have right to say anything about people dressing but this is my blog and I can say anything I want..wahahaha sgt kejam kan. X la, she's actually adorable and that's it. suma dah cukup but to look mooore gorgeous she spent I dont know how much tp byk la beli benda2 nih. Kalo aku x beli ar, even though brand nyer sgt famous tp buruk cam LV. ahaha lagi2 LV. Habis pahala aku kutuk org. Tapi this is real fact okay. If you want to see this mangsa fashion senang je. G la pavilion and bukit bintang. Gerenti berlambak ini2 mangsa fashion.

Aku ni sedap je kutuk org cam aku dress up cun la kan...ahahaha aku simple je ape ade aku bedal je. To be honest, I like branded items juga but I always tgk my pocket first. cam ni la bdk akaun kedekut.ahahaha. Different people views it differently. so aku ni termasuk dlm golongan yg simple and maybe that girl belong to "up to date" group and berduit. org yg x duit cam aku duk senyap2.

But today's fashion is too much. Kadang2 aku terfikir gak, knape la kita boleh jd mangsa fashion ni? hmmm no one know. Ntah2, aku yg conservative. ahaha. Anyway, I just pray that I will not belong to that group and pada mereka yg mangsa2 fashion, please arr sgt pathetic kot. Korg sudah gorgeous just be urself. Org lawa akan ttp lawa walaupun simple je dressing mereka manakala org yg gemuk, pendek dan " sgt cun" cam aku ttp cun...ahahahaha

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

90's hits

kebosanan melanda diri and all i can do is listening to the old skool songs. sounds lame but kind of interesting jugak la bila dgr lagu lame2...

I switched on my ipod, then scrolled down until reached "T" rasenyer. Pastu start la segala lagu2 lame. Memula tu lagu last flight out by plus one. best nyer lame tol x dgr. Before this I didnt know that this band was created to spread christianity. cam nasyid gitu. last spring kot, I was looking for one song by them and suddenly I found their bibiliography. I felt guilty at that time, ye la dengar lagu2 camtu tp at last I realised that not all their songs are like the song that I was looking for. Finally, I didnt listen to their songs until today.

Bosan2 dgn T, tukar lak g L. Then dengar la lately by samantha mumba. This girl was phenomenal. I love her songs. Really nice lyrics. Rasenyer lagu ni x la famous sgt but her hit song was gotta tell you. dengar laaa and it was awesome.

banyak lagi la yg best cam le ann rimes, jason mraz, lifehouse, linkin park....suma best laaa.....
just want to remind others and me, myself before start to like any songs make sure what's the songs all about coz this can lead you to the right or wrong path in the end of the day. nasib baik I realised all this awl2 and will always remember that.

Converse Chuck Taylor THE WHO UNION JACK Hi

First of all,

I really want this totally utterly gorgeous shoes!! nakkkkkkkkkkk sangat2!!!!
I already try to find it here in malaysia but too bad they didnt sell it here. I was browsing internet this afternoon and found one website which is selling converse at malaysia and it really astonished me when I looked at the price they put it on. glerrrr mahal nakk mampoooh! I wont buy it if that's the price. seriously nonsense!!

I found this gorgeous shoes last 5 months...kalo x silap la...and I really adore it! masa tu x mampu beli walaupun x la mahal sangat. I thought that I can buy it when I go home. Unfortunately, when I go to any malls couldnt find it and in here they sell not nice one..... and sangat murah here!

Petang td, x de keja so I was browsing net non stop...hehehe. penat je g byk2 website, at last g la kat ebay. Murah gler la obviously. sangat2 murah dr website msia yg jual kasut nih. Tengok punyer tengok, goshhhh i love it very very much! ok la malam ni mintak permission bapak guehh la... Hopefully he allow me to buy it.

Korg mesti nak tau sejauh mane gorgeous kasut ni kan, ahahaha
I'll show u'all kat bawah ni...

taraaa.....cun kan!

maybe others will say what the hell is this???? x sesuai langsung utk pompuan.
I dont care what people going to say about it. Ye la waktu2 nih, all my rakan sebaya maybe looking for nice high heels and I was the one who really interested in this old skool shoes.
Again I dont care... I really want to enjoy wearing it as maybe next time I will not have time to wear it. Ye la, if I already finish my uni and start working, I will not be able to wear this again....salah dress code nnt!

panjang gler kan aku fikir? hehehe.... We have to think outside the box and there it is!

Thursday, 23 July 2009


Today I got something to share with all my amigos.

Even though this song quite oldskool but the lyrics quite good (for me)
so listen to this song and I already included the lyrics down there.


I wish I
could tie you up in my shoes
Make you feel unpretty too
I was told I was beautiful
But what does that mean to you
Look into the mirror who's inside there
The one with the long hair
Same old me again today (yeah)

My outsides look cool
My insides are blue
Everytime I think I'm through
It's because of you
I've tried different ways
But it's all the same
At the end of the day
I have myself to blame
I'm just trippin'

You can buy your hair if it won't grow
You can fix your nose if he says so
You can buy all the make up
That man can make
But if you can't look inside you
Find out who am I too
Be in the position to make me feel
So damn unpretty
I'll make you feel unpretty too

Never insecure until I met you
Now I'm bein' stupid
I used to be so cute to me
Just a little bit skinny
Why do I look to all these things
To keep you happy
Maybe get rid of you
And then I'll get back to me (hey)

My outsides look cool
My insides are blue
Everytime I think I'm through
It's because of you
I've tried different ways
But it's all the same
At the end of the day
I have myself to blame
I'm just trippin'



Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh (oh)
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh (oh)



Friday, 17 July 2009

Aku dan Dia

Perbezaan aku dan dia.

Dia suka makan, Aku suka juga (wahaha x de beza langsung)

Dia suka hitam and biru, Me boleh la...boleh blah...ahahaha, sorry la aku x layan la colour2 jiwang nih, Me like white, sungguh suci lagi murni(cam minyak masak sri murni la plak)

He likes Taylor Swift, me no way! I like reggea which is out of genre trus, Pitbull la best! ahaha I love KRU sbnrnyer...

He loves action movies....aku suka jugak tapi more on comedy..

He's on science stream and me, art's stream....sesungguhnyer sy minat science tp spm buruk x leh amik science....waaaaaa sedih lor!

Dia suka bola dan aku tgk seminit bleh la....lebih2 pengsan lor....ahahaha...

Aku suka travel bila cuti dan dia, suka tdo je kat umah....adoiii buhsan sungguh!

I like branded items and he just alaaa....ape2 pun bleh...gler x best kan.

He likes black berry and I hate it...buruk2 besar sgt...I'm more on nokia ala...friendly hp

I like Dell and he just ape barang dell??? apekah??? He prefers Mac book....(konon2 x suka branded item)

Kesimpulan nyer, aku dan dia sgt berbeza....tapi yang lagi menyedihkan, I'm in the real world and he just my imagination....arghhhh sedih2...ni la akibat byk baca novel, gler x berpaedahhh sungguh!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Just words

yeay..yeay dah dapat result and the best part is I didnt fail my quants....yeayyyy

sangat cuak in the first place. Alhamdullillah everything turn out so good. Now looking forward to move on, means naik 3rd year. Im pretty sure yang next year lagi banyak benda kena wat. ape pun thank god, I passed my second year now heading to 3rd year. Hope that everything will be ok in the end of the day.

Now, just stayed at home and do nothing. Summer's holiday suppose to be fun but for me quite fun even though I didnt go anywhere. I used to do the same thing everyday. Boring?? ade la skit2 but cant really go out, no transport...haisshhh..

what I do this summer is reading. all sorts of things contohnyer novel la, magazine, suma la... Still reading shopahalic. ade lagi 3 lagi tgh tunggu. it was fun but sometimes i fall asleep la...ngantuk la plak baca lame2...

my friends already went back to uni so its hard for me to ajak diorg kuar...at last duduk je rumah...hmm....tapi its ok. luar sungguh panas, so better stay at home.

hmmm....dont know what to talk about dah....better stop la before start merapu but sebelum tu, spanish words that I learnt today is "mentirosa" means that lying.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Teka Teki Tekuk

Hola people,

Im in the mood nak main teka teki....meh nak kasi then u'olll teka la ek! enjoy! ( ni pun aku amik kat blog org....sorry la babe! aku rs sgt best teka teki ini)

1) Hitam, panjang, dipeluk dan diapit dua paha.

2)Apa nama sudirman masa kecil?

3) Rumah apakah yang gunakan banyak air?

4) Knape pokok kelapa kat depan rumah harus ditebang?

5) kenapa penggali kubur gali kubur x pakai selipar?

6) Ape persamaan Michael Jordan ngan Michael Jackson?

7) Ke nape lelaki jarang kene penyakit anjing gila?

8) Saya ade 3 kepala, 4 tangan dan 5 kaki...siapakah saya?

9) tulang ape warna biru??

Minyak ape yang disukai oleh lelaki?

Apa dia 'Jauh di mata, dekat di hati'?

12) kenapa siti nurhaliza tutup telinga bila nyanyi?

sila2 jawab yer....hehehe.....kepada pemilik blog yg saya ciplak ni....10 jari ku susun meminta maaf kerana meng--ciplak but anyway I really love those teka teki!!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009


malam td aku x tdo...sbnrnyer dah tdo before midnight....tu yg x leh tdo dah pastu....

bosan x tau nak wat pe, aku then teringat laa kat didi. masa aku g prague lepas, aku g dgn didi so ade la borak2 sikit pasal tajuk di atas. at first, i had no idea at all pasal ICAEW. Aku mati2 hengat same je dgn ACCA. rupe2 nyer lain gler....ape la aku ni name jer wat account...hampeh.

so last night, i was browsing about those 2 benda sampai kul 4 pg. ok laa...at last i got some idea about them. most people do ACCA full time. kalo x silap aku, ade 2 parts. exams and experience. after completed acca, then korg leh la digelar chartered accountant....tapi x senang la kan. 40% exams question will be based on text books and the rest, 60% ahahaha.....suma yg korg x penah belajar dalam kelas and if im not mistaken cam case study kot and common sense. Tu serba serbi psl ACCA.

Yang ICAEW ni lak, lain skit. You have to work but at the same time belajar juga. Means that, your company sponsor u'all blajar laa....I dont know at msia how it works coz this is actually for anyone who wanted to be chartered accountant at england and wales. dah name pun Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales. duration dia kalo x silap aku, about 3 to 5 years and it depends on you juga. If you completed everything cepat and your employer satisfy then cpat la jd chartered accountant..


Hmm....those two menarik gak la but the problem is I dont know which one more useful. Yg psl ICAEW ni aku x brape sure even though dah baca all materials yg diorg provide kat website but still kurang kefahaman....aku dah wiki pun but still....better tanya someone la i guess.

Next year will be my final year. Not exactly next year la kan, this coming september. Kalo british, school or uni mostly bukak on september so bg diorg cam year baru start la... setakat ni I dont think that I have an idea what to do after graduate. kerja or sambung study???
x tau lagi. I think its better for me to think about it starting from today. chewaahhhhh....

People, what to do after grad?? anything interesting??

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Milan and Malaysia

Balik from milan and guess what I've got?? makkk kulit ku hitam.burn. damn gler...milan was damn hot...panas gler la sampai hidung aku berdarah! But I really happy coz I got United colors of benetton bag and it was pretty awesome! LV?? x mampu la..eventhough harga nyer x la mahal sangat but buang duit la kan if i buy one.

one LV's bag can coz you like 750 - 2000 euro kot...im not really sure coz I just hang around for a few second je dlm kedai LV tu...bosan la...corak suma same...gler x berkembang corak dia! aku pun x faham why people willing to spend thousands euro to buy this little thing yg x la cantik sgt bg aku.

went to prada store and the price was so expensive....corak pun hampeh buruk gler. at least lv ok la skit even thouh corak almost the same. I didnt have any intention pun nak beli one of those branded bag coz at that time so pokai nokkk...ye la dah jalan sakan sangat before pegi milan.

singgah kat UCB, at first glance je kan, aku dah berkenan kat bag comey itu...and terus2 ajak k.shikin masuk UCB store...tempting gler benda alah ni....i really want2 this bag(monolog dalaman) ahahaha poyoo jer aku nih! I just grabbed it and terus g kaunter bayar....ahahaa....x leh blah kan!

Arrived at manchester airport dalam pukul 9 mlm, then drove home smpi dlm kul 12 lbh gak la....packed all my stuffs coz esok nyer nak blk KL dah...I was so excited and dont want to sleep coz my train will be at 6am tmrw. last2 tertdo gak...penat gler blk dr milan. soon arrived je kat manchester airport pg jumaat tu, starving la plak....and the best part is I have to take my luggage with me all the time....mmg shitte...berat nak mampos.

I was one of the earlier passenger yg checked in my luggage...thank God, 30kg each person! Lega gler, I thought that 20kg per person...ye la emirates skang dah generous skit kasi sorg 30! yeay....suka tol aku x kena bayar...kalo exceed mau beratus pound aku kena bayar! gilooo! x mau den!

Sampai kat dubai, aku excited juga! ye ar lagi 10 jam aku akan smpi KL....turun je dr flight...jamban la aku cr dulu....ahaha...sorry la agak tak senonoh! then sembahyang siap2...lega aku benda wajib dah lepas! Then I tried to find my gate to KL. perfect dah jumpa..aku pun dok la tepi tu cam pendatang tanpa izin kat tepi tu....bodoh ar dubai nyer airport ni! airport skit punya lawa kerusi x de...hampeh. before duduk, aku pun:

aku: excuse me(sopan gler)
amoi : ..................
aku: excuse me
amoi : ..........
aku: (x leh jadi amoi ni, pokak benor!, aku acah2 tangan ar kat muka dia)
"Excuse me --dgn melambai2 tangan ku didepan mata nyer--)
amoi : yes..
aku : can i sit next to you? (ar dengar pun...penat aku panggil td)
amoi : can2..... (sambil alihkan beg dia)
aku : thank you (sambil amik tmpt duduk)
amoi : i think they should provide more chair to us
aku : yeah(dlm hati, ntah bodoh tool airport lawa kerusi tadaaa)

duduk la aku di tepi amoi itu dan tepi aku sblh kanan lak pokok bunga....tnggu nyer tnggu....sempat la aku g toilet 2 kali, skali flight delayed....arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
geram sungguh...aku benci tol la bab2 delayed nih! aku pun ape lagi, berbekalkan ipod kesayangan ku itu, aku pun meng-log in internet...thank God ade gak internet...I was so thankful at that time...kalo x de mati kutu aku kat situ.It was 3 am at that time

At 5 am, we were allowed to go on board. We're supposed to arrive at KLIA at 2.30pm on saturday but then we arrived at 4.30pm. Alhamdulillah, everything went well. Skang ni kan msia tgh kecoh2 psl H1N1, sesampai je kat KLIA, mamat pengawai kesihatan tu pun..."ar fill up the form arr" aku pun ye2 tau la

nasib la masa aku sampai tu, hari agak2 mendung so x panas sangat la...tapi hari ni je, aku rasa nak jeritt je...........knape la bumi msia ni panas sgt???
makkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk..........rase nak balik uk balik...gler x sedar diri aku ni...
serius panas gler.bila kat uk lak, sejuk nak mati. arr bykk la complaint. teruk sungguh!
nampak nyer kena la aku bertahan......
balik uk lak nanti, aku pun kena bertahan.

buat masa skang ni, i have nothing to do at home, still jet-lagged. ahahah alasan untuk tdo!

Friday, 19 June 2009

Vienna Pic.

Summer Epics!

Back from prague and can't really describe it. It was totally utterly awesome! cantik sangat2. I was fascinated with the city and really jealous with student who live there! How on earth they can study there?? I just can't believe it was really...really awesome..phenomenal! I bet that england was not that beautiful. Prague was known as a crystal city and I agreed with that. Every single street full of shops selling crystal stuff. People said that crystal in prague quite cheap but for me it wasnt differ back then in malaysia. maybe la murah skit kot! naah I dont know, I wasnt a crystal collector. In prague, they use koruna as a currency. For 1 pound, it will be something like 25 koruna so dont get scared when you see unbranded t-shirt hundreds of koruna!

When we mentioned about prague, my first thought would be communist. Yes, before this, czech republic was under communist colonies. But now, they are free. However, they still afraid of that. biasa la tuh.... First day, we went to prague castle and visited tempat2 sejarah at the surrounded area. Not bad la....suma cantik but as a europe country, cathedral tu ade gak la...perkara wajib tuh, x leh tinggal nyer. We reached at the information centre to buy tickets. Then my friend asked 200++ koruna from me and I was so shocked coz it cost me 200++ to go in the old cathedral. Then again I realized that Im at prague....ahahaha hundreds of koruna just cost me a few pound. We went to the castle, cathedral, old prison and ape ntah....x ingt dah namenyer. But just one word from me, fantastic.

Then, we sempat amik2 and pose dgn askar2 czech yg agak2 kacak! fuh!! best2. During that, I remembered my friend's advice. Kalo jumpa org hensem jgn lak nak pegang2 or touch.....ahahaha..due to swine flue virus nih, he kept on telling me dont do that. Just one thing in my head, sejak bila plak aku jumpa org hensem aku touch...ahahhaha anyway thanks dude for worrying about me! really appreciate it ;)) Hana guided our ways. She has been there last year so she knew the right path. We're fully depended on her. We jalan2 sampai rase nak tercabut kaki. But dont really care about that coz we're too excited to explore prague. Later then, lapar gler. Went to one beriani restaurant and it was superb. kenyang gler. Terus jalan lagi. Petang tuh, we went to kayuh2 boat! Hana kayuh with nora and the rest with me. At fiirst, I thought that didi want to sit at the back so I just took the driver sit with fardia. Then, didi asked me that she wanted to kayuh2....I was so happy coz im so malas nak kayuh2 nih! ape lagi....duduk belakang I just snapped photos of us. so lucky duduk je x wat ape....hehehe...forgot to mention that im mabuk sungai, tasik, laut....kolam x pun. hehehe dah la lepas makan rase cam nak throw up je masuk tuh! tapi dok blakang wowww bahagia! hehe

Malam tu jugak, we traveled to vienna(austria) by bus. It was 5 hours journey. Nothing to see during night so we're just tdo. We checked in straight away after we arrived at vienna. By 11 o'clock, we already headed to vienna city. We then tried to find KFC. Kat vienna, KFC halal...so apelagi....jumpa je KFC, suma senyap....makan dgn gelojohnyer! wahhhh....best2.

My belly was full. gler penuh susah nak gerak...hehehe...Lepas tuh, jalan lagi. This time, we went to Schönbrunn Palace, a.k.a summer palace. Palace ni hanya digunakan ketika summer . If winter diorg akan g duk Hofburg Imperial Palace. Dalam palace nih, x leh amik gambr. It really made us upset coz we already thought that it will be great if we can snap a photo in there. We paid almost 20 euro to join the palace tour. I was so fascinated with the palace interior design. Cantik gler waaa ckp luuu.....and that day, we learnt something about austria history not really austria history kot....more to diorg nyer raja2. These two palace were totally phenomenal. cantik sangat2 and I can't imagine how much they spend to build these two magnificent palace.
We spent almost a day to complete our tour but again it really worth it. Dinner that night, makan KFC lagi...hehehe

Next day a.k.a last day at vienna, we went to Hofburg Imperial Palace. Dalam palace ni ade tunjuk macam mane diorg latih askar berkuda bila winter. I didnt have chance to go in coz we didnt really have time and I wouldnt willing to spend 20 euro again to visit palace...x cukup duit wehhh...jadi la dah g semalam....but deep in my heart I really want to. x pe la...My mission x complete lagi mase tuh. My mission if Im visiting any country I will look for snow globe @ water ball @ whatever... Tempat last ktorg visit, funfair. This funfair quite differ with other funfair coz kat sini ade the oldest ferris wheel. Who ever created it at that time was really brilliant and creative. Kat funfair tu la, I bought Vienna snowglobe. Know how much it cost me?? Holy cow!! 16 euro for nothing. gler cekik darah....tapi nak wat camne, snowglobe collector like me will spend any amount as long as puas hati (even though I already knew that im wasting my money). At last, PUAS HATI. Petang tu jugak ktorg balik prague.

At Prague, we went to old and new town to find souvenirs to family and friends. I bought t-shirt, snowglobe(of course), gelang2 for sis and mum, and honey cake. I just want to laugh when I remember how we're bargaining items. Macam itik cakap dgn ayam coz they didnt understand english and we didnt understand diorg nyer language. siap tanya ktorg balik alas meja dlm english ape....hehehe...lawak tol! x kisah la janji ktorg dah dpt ape yg nak! Setelah jalan2 almost 2 weeks, we already exhausted. This trip was fun and I really enjoyed it. Im now really looking forward to go to Milan then balik msia.

Monday, 1 June 2009


Now im officially finished my 2nd year...yeayy
kind of lega bila exam habis. Thank God!

Straight away after I finished my exam, went home and helped k.hana buat donut. It was fun and awesome. I never thought that making donut just a piece of cake...kacang la jugak. Hasil nya, phenomenal!

Next day, woke up quite early in the morning, then walked to NEXT. I got heels for mama there. Luckily not so high..I really love it. Made with straws(I guess) and beige in colour. On the way home, Pie called me and asked whether I want to join him go to Kak Aini's house. Me and K.hana just agreed coz we dont have things to do and another thing just want to see kak aini since we didnt see her such a long time...she's busy with her work and us, busy with our exams. When we arrived at her place, me and k.hana was so surprised. Kak Aini want to move out from current house. She just called everyone and asked us to give her hand. In the first place, I didnt aspect that she wants to move out. I thought that Pie just want to visit her. Right after that, we helped her move things to her new house. To be honest, I just sat there and watched abang2 move things out....hehehe...didnt do anything...just hang around and chit chat.

In the afternoon, they already tired. Me then, tetiba je....angin x de ribut pun x de, "Pie, jom g crabbing nak ak??" dgn muka penuh berharap. Everyone stared at me. Pie then, "OK, jom la...nak pegi pukul bape?" I was like yeayyyyyy.....suka nyer dpt g crabbing. lame x buat..Last year went crabbing with kak shikin and abg mior. It was fun and I really enjoyed it. This year was so blessed. We got a bucket of crabs. Seriouly banyak. mmg best.

Hari Jumaat lak, went to llandudno. Its a shopping day. Bangun pagi and I was into shopping that day. Tapi....x beli ape sgt...llandudno best cantik je shopping ok laaa.....chester best lagi!

sabtu, went out lagi. party2 with mates kat bangor pier. best juge! sunny all day and panas gler cam msia!

ahad, g umah baru kak betty. OMG best gler umah dia. besar, selesa, murah plg penting dkt dgn school. jealous sgt! noon, went for crabbing again...but this time we got 1/4 of the bucket...sedih gak la

isnin, kept all my stuffs at our new house. sooo penat.

Tomorrow, will go fishing with abg ali. Musim Mackerel now!!

Monday, 25 May 2009


Me now, in the hols mood. Actually my exam still on going.....I got 2 papers left, law and audit

By this Wednesday, after 4pm, I will be free, and that's it. Move to the next phase this coming september, 3rd year.. cam x caya 2nd year will be over in a few days lagi! Feels like just yesterday I started my 1st year...ahahaha....mimpi je la tuh....the real fact is I almost ended up my 2nd year. cepat nyer masa.

me will be getting busy by the end of this week, packing, shopping a bit for family back at home, move out from friars avenue, damn! byk gler benda kena buat. but really looking forward to that. summer holidays will be begin next week....woooooooooooooooooyeaaaaayyyyyyyyyy

got so many plans for summer hols, just tak tau cukup masa ke tak nak wat before blk msia. Hopefully sempat la.

x sabar nye nak hbs exam!!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009


My first paper will be on this friday, 15th May. Start with business economics, good start I guess... The following papers will be finance and Quantitative methods. My last 2 papers will be on 26th and 27th of May which is law and audit.

For the last week of exam, I can say that my mind will be somewhere else...prague may be, vienna ye kot...ahahaha....cant wait to start our journey. Now, Im stuck with piles of books and papers. Need to do a lot of revision before the exam start. I will try my best to do it. I also suffered from....kind of insomnia. Dont know why it happened to me. I just cant sleep at night. I lay down on the bed but I really cant shut my eyes. Its painful somehow but it is not the end of the world. I'll be fine soon.

During this exam week, I just cant stop facebooking....hehehe...it just become one of my routine now. Wake up early in the morning and go straight to my study desk to switch my lap top on. Then start facebooking. Its really addictive. We can say that, one of the millennium disease...ahahaha maybe kind of.

I went to collect my assignments result this afternoon. Guess what the results is?? My prediction was 100% correct. I failed my statistic test....poor me. It was my fault. I didnt really studied on that. I was messed around that night before the test taken place. And during the test, I didnt got enough time to complete everything...But im grateful that my marks doesnt turn out so bad. For finance, I got just an average marks. Still grateful on that coz I did it last minutes. Now, Im not going to bother what marks I got for my assignments. Just want to concentrate on the coming exam. I believe that I still have chance to perform well.

Tomorrow, my friend will go home for good. I will definitely miss them especially little cook. Her name is Elena. She is my friend's first child. so lovely. She is one and half year, I think so. Im gonna miss colouring session with her..One thing about her, she really like to colour picture. Even though she is still small but she really interested in colouring. She will start new life in KL soon. oh gosh, it will definitely differ from here. She was born here so it must be awkward for here to stay in KL. She's get use to it later. The important fact here, Im going to miss my little cook...waaaaaaaaaaaaaa...Maybe I can meet them after I reach KL this June.
I have to go now. Need to pray..... see yaa soon xxx

** adorable elena....small cook

Monday, 4 May 2009


Damn, Im so tired now. Today I baked cookies for Faye. She asked me to bake her cookies since last saturday...I wrote on my facebook's status last saturday that I was baking that day.
She saw it and asked me to save some for her. She wasnt at bangor last week, went to cardiff. At first im so lazy to do it again but since tomorrow is the last day of class so I decided to do it. I didnt expect that it will be so damn tired. Last saturday, I just helped kak hana and today I made it on my own.

At first, I was so excited to do it. Went to morrisons, bought everything, chocolate chips, cherries, butter, all stuffs for making cookies. When I came home, I started to make it. I was assisted by cik kam and kak hana. My first attempt, ahaahahah seriously failed!!!

I didnt know where it went wrong. Even my Guru, K.hana, she didnt know why my cookies look so ugly!! At first, we assumed that I put too much chocolate chips in there and because of that the mixture was quite heavy so the shape will look a bit weird...but then when she's going over her recipe again, we then know where I went wrong.

Instead of put in 225 g flour in the cookies mixture, I put 125 g flour. that's why my cookies look so weird and awful. May be I overlooked....yeah I guess so. Later then, I made a new cookies mixture. Stress betul buat cookies nih!!

**cherry flavour

Finally, berjaya juga but the cookies shape was not really cute! ok laa... I really hope that Faye didnt mind about that.... Now, I just want to sleep and sleep....I will bake more after the exam over..If I still have time laaa...if not, beli kat kedai je la jawabnyer.

**Fudge and sultana

** for faye!

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Randomness of me!

"Bright cold silver moon
Tonight alone in my room
You were here just yesterday

Slight turn of the head

Eyes down when you said
I guess I need my life to change
Seems like something's just aren't the same

What could I say?

I need a little more luck than a little bit
Cuz every time I get stuck the words won't fit
And every time that I try I get tongue tied

I'll need a little good luck to get me by

I need a little more help than a little bit
Like the perfect one word no one's heard yet

Cuz every time that I try I get tongue tied
I need a little good luck to get me by this time

I stare up at the stars

I wonder just where you are
You feel a million miles away

(I wonder just where you are)
Was it something I said?
Or something I never did?
Or was I always in the way?

(Was it something I did?)
Could someone tell me what to say
to just make you stay?

I need a little more luck than a little bit
Cuz every time I get stuck the words won't fit

And every time that I try I get tongue tied

I need a little good luck to get me by

I need a little more help than a little bit
Like the perfect one word no one's heard yet

Cuz every time that I try I get tongue tied

I need a little good luck to get me by this time

I know it feels like the end

Don't want to be here again

And we could help each other off the ground
so we never fall down again

What it takes I don't care

We're gonna make it I swear

And we could help each other off the ground
so we never fall down again


I need a little more luck than a little bit

Cuz every time I get stuck the words won't fit
But every time that I try I get tongue tied
I need a little good luck to get me by

I need a little more help than a little bit
Like the perfect one word no one's heard yet
Cuz every time that I try I get tongue tied
I need a little good luck to get me by this time

I know it feels like the end

Don't want to be here again
And we could help each other off the ground
so we never fall down again

What it takes I don't care

We're gonna make it I swear
And we could help each other off the ground
so we never fall down again

I need a little more luck than a little bit

Cuz every time I get stuck the words won't fit
But every time that I try I get tongue tied

I need a little good luck to get me by

I need a little more help than a little bit

Like the perfect one word no one's heard yet

Cuz every time that I try I get tongue tied
I need a little good luck to get me by this time
I know it feels like the end

Don't want to be here again

And we could help each other off the ground
so we never fall down again

What it takes I don't care

We're gonna make it I swear

And we could help each other off the ground
so we never fall down again"

Hola Amigos, Im singing now....yuhoooooooooooooo, Baila..baila amigos!! (cam gila la plak, hehe) still have time to enjoy (so bad) I was so busy last 2 weeks so this is the right time to rest before I start my exam a.k.a hectic week my exam will start on 15th and end on 27th start with business economics and end up with auditing wowwww 5 papers in 2 weeks God, really need Your help here!! Hopefully, I can do it! InsyaAllah.

After exam, I need to pack all my stuff, we're moving out, soon. Damn!! I hate packing lagi2 la nak pindah memindah nih!
adoiii penat la but in long term, I dont have to walk almost 20 minutes a day to reach maa school. The thing is I already tired with that. Not really tired, Im happy living here but if I can get a place that somehow near my school, it would be better. I dont have to get up very early in the morning and rush to the lecture, seriously penat sgt2. Thinking of buying car?? ahaha..sounds like car advert.. kadang2 ade gak but i dont have uk license and i dont want to drive manual car! I almost forgot how to drive manual car. It's remind me of something...jeng...jeng

last 3 weeks, we went to Alton Towers, somewhere near stoke on trent. Alton Tower is one of the most famous theme park in UK. We're kind of crazy that day, ye la lepas naik suma ride....damn cool but in the end suma dapat headache! We rode on extreme ride like an oblivion damnn gler that ride! pastu move to rita laa "Queen of speed" and the last ride yang totally gler, "Nemesis" To be honest, x nak naik lagi dah....waaaaaaaaa I almost kill myself that day. Lepas je park tu close, me and cik kam wanted to drive our ford focus (pinjam la kan). Kak betty suddenly offered herself to be our "cikgu driving". At the same time, abg azamie and the gang kat sebelah, lepaking + makan2 skit(ala2 tea time) before we gerak balik....lapar gler kot time tuh... Me and cik kam just didnt bother them coz we're too excited to drive our ford focus, so our concerntration mostly on that car. I was the one who started, cik kam at the back (watched me) and kak betty just beside me, gave me the guidance.

taraaaaaaaaaaa......show time....
trutt......truttt (the eingine began to start)....then kak betty "tekan clucth, masuk gear, tekan minyak kasi naik, then lepas clutch slow2) me then, "ok2, jap ek cuba nih"

suddenly, troooppppppp, "ahhahahahahahahahaha" abg azamie and the gang kat sebelah gelak
ahahaha our ford focus tersedak-sedak dibuat nye and suddenly stopped. we're in the car, cant stop laughed seriuosly, lawak kak betty then asked me to try again this time, I tried to concerntrate more than just now.

luckyly, this time, everything went smoothly but I dont know when to change the gear... After that, I changed my place with cik kam so she's the driver now and kak betty as usual cikgu memandu she tried to drive our babe but failed....hehehe dah biasa bawak auto so we tend to forget everything about manual car...so bad. Gang abg azamie still senyum and gelak ahahahaha lawak sgt2.... but at least we still have an efffort to try...ok what will keep that in my memory forever and ever sbb nyer sgt lawak mase tuh..

Gonna miss Alton Towers.....hmmm but I can join my class mate this june. They are planning to go there. They asked me just now whether im coming with them after the exam finish. I love to hang out with them but it depends on the date and transport. Its hard to reach there if you dont have your own transport...lebih kurg genting la nih but here then dont have public transport to go there....if im not mistaken la...but if ada kind of susah gak laa...another thing, I'll be leaving early in june to cardiff so depends la kann
but really love to join them!!! Hopefully, they can come out with good date then.

Hmmm...I got less than 2 weeks before the exam start. After finish this exam, unofficially I will be closed to 3rd year....hehehe....woww....everything going so fast these days. I cant imagine me graduate and after that looking for work!! Gosh! I love to be a student rather than beg for a job out there in this economic condition....arghhh Im not willing to do that. But sooner or later, I need to face it.
Ok2, I'll write again soon....sleepy now. Bueno Noche.véale pronto amigos!! Adios! **our babe, ford focus **scary is it?? this is nemesis
**Oblivion **spinning whizzer

Wednesday, 22 April 2009


what's going to happen??

Holiday maaaaaaaa
I got so many plan during that....pokai la gue!
but its going to be fun!

really can't wait

Before that, need to sit for an exam...almost 2 weeks...dushhhhhhhhh
its ok
after that I will travel to Europe, having fun there..hopefully summer this year will be awesome
like last year when I went to Paris, damn hot! Everyone got burned! It almost 40 degrees. It just like hell...but we having so much fun there. We went to eiffel tower, notre dame de paris, arc de triomphe, disneyland of course and other places, we covered everything if im not mistaken. I really love arc rather than eiffel tower. but both gorgeous...If I get a chance to go again, I will definitely visit arc! Beautiful monument. wanna see arc picture?? here it is.

see, gorgeous is it?? hope that I can visit it again! We were lucky when we visited paris coz we got Mus as our tour guide! Guess what, when we stopped for lunch at one "halal" french restaurant, mus talked to the waiter in french and suddenly, that guy thought that mus is a frenchman and the rest of us got jealous with him coz he can speak french fluently! Thanks mus, because of you, the rest of us can have a nice tour. At there, we traveled by metro and cruise! exciting huh?? kind of. we didnt get a chance to see paris from the top of Eiffel Tower during that. Gosh....we cant stand to wait and queued for almost a day just to buy tickets to the top of eiffel tower...damn crazy!Its summer and most people travel during that coz day is getting longer than night, so it make sense why there so many people queued for that.

**us...just arrived there, at the back ET

Disneyland...best2 but didnt get a chance to ride everything, mane yg sempat je...we rode spaceship(kind of rollercoaster), waaaaaa, everyone got headache after that, its too fast + it was dark inside the spaceship. Everyone just tried to kill themselves by rode it....hahaha....after turun semua nenong-nenong....pening!

** Disneyland theme park

**Notre dame de paris

** captured by an oldman, he cant stop smiling at us! ahaha

**tired, after the whole day jalan-jalan

Hmmm.....I really miss all my pal from sheffield, we went there togehter, Hope that we can travel along together next time!

That's last year summer. This year would be much...much better, I hope so! Wanna know my plan for this summer??
Okay here it is:

1) Bangor---> Cardiff---> Bristol--->Prague--->Vienna---> Poland
I will travel with friends during this trip

2) Bangor--->Manchester---> Dubai---> guess what????? KL, Malaysia
Travel alone.....cant wait!!

see, im going to be pokai after that! oh gosh!!!
I really hope that my plan is going to work! Ya Allah, selamatkan lah perjalanan hambamu ini!

Oh my god, its a daydreaming...hehehe....exam pun belum dah sibuk nak jalan
sorry about that
Okay2, need to stop now!
see yaaa!


Friday, 17 April 2009

MySpace vs Friendster vs Facebook

what a common title!
ok this is how it begins

when I was in high school, I preferred Friendster as my social networking. I was introduced to it by one of my friend. As I said, I am not an IT savvy so at that time, I was so excited when used it. I even "tuang" my class just because of Friendster, I was so addicted to it! damn! During that, I only got less than 50 friends. But later on, after I graduated from my high school, I kept on using it as a communication device rather than using my handphone. free wat using net!
As a result, I met so many friends there! I also met my old pals--my classmates during primary school...one words that came out from my mouth at that time "AWESOME" somehow its sounds good but in a real fact, I spent hours and hours online which is wasting my time, cant be bother to do anything else, just want to sit in front of my computer and online for all the time...cant get off from my computer!

Now at Uni. again, my friend introduced me to myspace. At first, I was so excited but later on I felt that its just a same thing as friendster. The purpose is still the same, social networking. I also had same friends as Friendster. Most of us, had both account. At uni, its hard for me to update my MS account. My uni internet connection kind of "lembab" so sad! I had to wait until I got home to online. As usual, at micasa, mum asked me to assist her doing houseworks. Eventually I didnt really have time to online. so my MS quite left behind.....

Arrived in Uk and I was shocked a bit, my friend here, she doesnt know friendster and MS......ahahaha
I was soo syiook sendiri using it back home. In order to get in touch with my friend here, I decided to sign in Facebook. Here, facebook are really famous, even in lecture, they still facebooking! I dont even know when they concentrate on listening to our lecture. but most of them are brilliant! its unfair! Even in Uni, facebook is a one of the important communication medium. For example, 2nd year psychology student, they had their own project group on facebook. Any updates will be posted on group's page so everbody doesnt have to spend time meeting outside. They just can discuss it via group's forum.. sounds great is it?? hehehe...but my school doesnt provide any kind of that facilities....poor me!(its ok, i dont have any project for 3rd year.....yuuuuuuuuu,,,hehehe). My friend used to invite me to their birthday party via facebook. you just can sent the invitation to all your friend list and they can make a confirmation straight away whether to attend or not. It will much organise when we use it. Pencinta Alam should use faceb0ok so that they can save our plant and our earth( didnt use paper at all.....sooo pecinta alam). Not only for birthday party, we still can use it for any event.

So after that, I was facebooking hours a day! yushhhh.....again and again, Im just wasting my time. APE LAAA NAK JADI!!

Ok, based on my experiences(cam conclusion dlm essay plak) , i love those social networking but when it come to the features, frankly speaking, I prefer facebooking!! its fun, best2, syiook juga, buang banyak masa juge!
I think my preferrences changed as im getting older. I do love friendster and myspace when I was teenager and now at the beginning of 20's, facebooking much---much fun and more adult!---> betul ke?? hehehe I dont know
Addicted again!

Whatever we prefer, there must be a good reasons on that. No arguing! ahahaha---> doesnt bring any benefits if we keep on arguing on that, sesungguhnya I belive these kind of net things are wasting our time.---I was part of the group(group yg suka buang masa)----hehehe

Before I finish my posts today, I got something to share with everyone. here, i posted a video from youtube, watch it and try to understand the lyrics....I got this from Arief (cowok indon) , thanks dude!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Blogging thing

blogging??? what the hell is that???
social networking??? yeah kind of but i think it will be similar to electronic diary
hmmm....yeah maybe
i used to wonder why people like to blogging nowadays
but i couldnt get any answer for that
and i also asked myself
"what's the purpose of blogging???"
i just smiled and answered to myself i dont know
But from my perspective, the purpose of blogging its just similar to other social networking such as friendster and facebook...inform friends about their updates....maybe naah i dont know, it just from my point of view.
different people has different perspective
i used to hate blogging and now i ended up by come out with my own blog, such a ***jerk*** but its ok since i already got one, i will stop wondering why people do blogging....aahahaha...mmg jerk habis!

actually i wasnt supposed to blogging now coz i need to finish my assignments but ended up by stranded with this s****d blogging
my fault!
actually this is my first time using this blogging thing
frankly speaking, i didnt know how to use it!!!! so embarrassing!
i didnt know how to leave comment on others blog
OMG, to be honest, i am not "IT savvy" person!

i think i should stop now, continue my work and sleep early,
i have to work tomorrow, wanna earn extra money for summer!
big plan!!!
cant wait for summer!
bye winter
i will definitely miss yaaa
L O V E winter
i shall meet you again next year!
i dream of white winter for next year, hope that bangor will snow next year.
got to go now, im nagging too much here, shall stop now~~
will write again later!