Monday, 19 December 2011

Early bird

As usual, I arrived at the office quite early. A bit demotivated since most of my colleagues are on annual leave.Pretty sad coz I wanted to apply but my boss said I have to consider my members unit since they also wanted to take leave. They are inconsiderate coz they never discuss with me that they want to take and now I have to stand by at the office but them, happily on leave. What on earth is that! I know its suck but that's life anyway.

Forget about that, I realised this December I changed a lot. I don't even know why it happened but I noticed my changes. I'm sorry if I hurt anyone! Its not my intention to do that but seriously I can't really take stupid jokes at the moment. I can easily hurt and moody. I'm not that type of person but this time, I have no idea why I act like that.

I wanna go for holiday but last minute like this plus near christmas, everything will be overpriced and I know, I can't afford it. Might as well now, I put aside my money and plan for next good trip instead.

I'll be bitching more next time, off to work!

Saturday, 17 December 2011


So many things happened this year but I didnt record any in here. 2011 is almost end but I dont feel like its going to end.

From electronic business I moved to insurance industry....from 22, I turned to 23 now.....its been a year since I graduated from uni...Oh me God, so many things!

1st Decem- I listened to My December- linkin park. I reminisced back whatever things that I've done all these year. Its really bring tears!

Mid Decem- I'm still same old me.

Actually I dont really know what to mutter since I stop blogging since I joined my current company. plus my writing skills now getting worst....haihh

But I do feel happy whenever I see my page coz I managed to change my background back to normal!