Monday, 19 December 2011

Early bird

As usual, I arrived at the office quite early. A bit demotivated since most of my colleagues are on annual leave.Pretty sad coz I wanted to apply but my boss said I have to consider my members unit since they also wanted to take leave. They are inconsiderate coz they never discuss with me that they want to take and now I have to stand by at the office but them, happily on leave. What on earth is that! I know its suck but that's life anyway.

Forget about that, I realised this December I changed a lot. I don't even know why it happened but I noticed my changes. I'm sorry if I hurt anyone! Its not my intention to do that but seriously I can't really take stupid jokes at the moment. I can easily hurt and moody. I'm not that type of person but this time, I have no idea why I act like that.

I wanna go for holiday but last minute like this plus near christmas, everything will be overpriced and I know, I can't afford it. Might as well now, I put aside my money and plan for next good trip instead.

I'll be bitching more next time, off to work!

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