Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Drop dead gorgeous

I'm not going to blurt out fashion thingy here but just want to share my new obsession. Lately, I'm quite fascinated with lipstick. This time with sephora lipstick. There was one day, I went to sephora just to loiter around and obviously just waste my time. But I checkout on their stuffs, fair enough, fantastic I would say so I decided to give a try on their lipstick. The one that I bought was a little bit pinkish and of course with lots of glamorous glitters. Damn sexy! Lol

Anyway, the result was so nice and I bought a second ones but this time nude color with glitter. Next round, I should try dior as well coz their color is so seducing type hahaha. At the moment, I have quite big collection on lip care. Need a good pay sp next round I can try channel also. For mac and bobbi brown, I haven't try not even ones. I think their collection pretty dramatic really unsuits me though. But we'll see incase I change my mind .... Haha

Ok enough! See ya 💋

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