Wednesday, 1 September 2010


My friend, she played game with us. She asked about something and wanted us to answer it. To be honest I really dont know the answer. I asked her what's the real answer. She answered it with such a jerk. Since then, she lose respect from me and I dont care about it. I know its too much but the way she replied back to me make me feel like a total idiot. I won't mind if she answered it just in front of me. The thing is she makes me feel bad in front of others.

I always seek for a right answer when it comes to doubtful matters or anything that I don't know. But I'm not a loser who will always seek for an answer without trying to solve it first. When I asked her the answer, she went for, try to figure out yourself and dont depends on others to solve it. You got a wrong person, my friend. I am not that easy to give up lahh. Is it wrong if I asked for a right answer when I couldn't figure out what is it?

I know I'm not good in certain things and she is damn good in that area. but it doesn't mean that she can easily say that to me though. I know it is not a big deal but its really a big deal for me since everyone knows she replied something like that to me. Its really embarrassing.

Sometimes these kind of people makes me feel that they dont deserve respect from me. I know that I am not intelligent enough like her but at least do respect me. People wants us to respect them but how can we respect them if they didnt respect us? Another thing, when we wanted to say something, do think about others first, what the impact, consequence, etc. You may hurt others without realize it. I know that I'm being too emotional in this matter but at least I have a gut to seek for an answer rather than being a total idiot, hoping for others to give up and she answer it after all.