Sunday, 1 May 2011

Todays article mostly full of rubbish

When we talk about article, pretty obvious that the structure should begin with introduction, then main point, discussion and lastly, conclusion. Since school, our teacher taught us to follow this structure so that reader understand well whatever that we want to deliver. For me, todays article already lost their quality since everyone wants to be a writer. Once people starts to do something and they success, everybody thinks that this can make money so why don't we jump and kick off this industry?? Yes you can do it so BUT (There must be BUT in of course, if you didnt have the idea or have ideas but dont know how to express it, sure it won't be succeed. Back on those days, all the writers were talented. They like born to be a star in this industry. All of their articles full of new ideas, brilliant and magnificent imagination which others could not think of it. The way they arranged their stories flow, totally utterly brilliant. I know time changed so did the writer but the most important thing is the quality should be much better. Living in this era, technology everywhere and surely it made everything easier rather than those days where they had to start everything from scratch.

I didnt say that the writers today are practically jokers. I just dont like the way they compose their article. For me, if you want to share your thought with others in a formal way, obviously no harm but at least put some facts inside. You have the freedom to express whatever you feel inside but if too much readers like me, lose interest for your article.

Actually I want to pin point one website which I found interesting at first. This website is quite new but the readers are increasing day by day. The objective is pretty much clear, guidelines and place where we can share our thoughts but not everyone can be their authors but you are allowed to express your thought by commenting at the end of every article. At first, I thought wooww this is a great website and I should check it out everyday. But now, I feel the other way around.

I dont know how they got all the jokers to share their stupid and ****** thoughts inside there. Plus point is they keep on telling same thing all over again. They just dont care whether their colleagues already wrote about it or not. I feel bored whenever I read their rubbish articles. I did agree on whatever their thoughts are but if everyone expressing same subject at the same time in the same website and the purpose is to share with the readers out there, then no need formal website to write in. Might as well you just start writing at your one blog which you can share tons of your bloody hell thoughts there. I'm not rebelling or anything, I just dont see the objective of the existence of that website anymore. As far as I'm aware, the purpose of this website is to provide guidelines on whatever we do as well as a place where we can turn to if we have something unclear..

Turn out today, they keep on discussing something that, its important but there are also some other things that much..much more important. For me, it is not wrong but please dont focus on one thing. The world is broad, so many topics that we can talk about. Drown in our own fantasy is not going to help. Please stand up and see others world.

Lastly, I really hope that these people stop doing stupid thing like that. You want to be a writer, fine go for it but if you want to share something that practically rubbish, forget about it. Waste my time as well as others.

***Some of you might say, why I dare to voice it out here not in front of them. Its not that I dont want to do it, For me, they are "SYOK SENDIRI" and if I voice it out, the answer should be like this, "GO AWAY, YOU'RE JUST LIKE AN ANT AND WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?? EXPRESSING YOUR SILLY OPINION WHILE OTHERS LIKE TO READ WHATEVER OUR THOUGHTS ARE!"
100% sure that I will get this answer. Want to know more just PM me, sure I'll get back to you.