Thursday, 22 April 2010

Takutkah kita utk menghadapi dunia nih?

I admit it, I do feel that now.

Sangat takut.....bukan kenapa, when the time come then we need to face it, I do feel there is butterfly in my stomach.

I asked Claire, my classmate, what she gonna do after finish degree. She said, she dont know yet and haven't apply any job...She then asked me back, same question. I gave her same answer. Im not quite sure what Im going to do after this, Im scared to face this world.

Dilemma.....any suggestion?

Sunday, 18 April 2010

I believe

They said you wouldn't make it so far,
And ever since they said it, its been hard
But never mind the night's ya had to cry
Cause you have never let it go inside
You work real hard and you know exactly what you want and need so believe
And you can never give up
You can reach your goals
Just talk to your soul and say

I believe I can
I believe I will
I believe I'll know my dreams are real
I believe I'll chant
I believe I'll dance
I believe I'll grow real soon,
That is what I do believe

Your goals are just a thing in your soul
And you know that your moves will let them show
You keep creating pictures in your mind
So just believe they will come true in time
It will be fine leave all of your cares and stress behind
Just let it go
Let the music flow inside,
Forget all your pain and just start to believe

Never mind what people say
Hold your head high and turn away
With all my hopes and dreams I will believe
Even though it seems it's not for me
I won't give up, i'll keep it up
Looking to the sky
I will achieve all on my knees
I will always believe

Friday, 16 April 2010

Young Mum

Some people prefer to be a mum at young age and its ok. The problem here is when you choose that path, you need to adapt with that new environment and of course act like a mum not teenagers.

Here, young mum (and mum who not really young, I suppose) are such a jerk. Im not saying all of them but some of them are truly an ass ! I know I dont have a right to say this to them but at least consider your kids. Some of jerk young mum here they like to smoke in front of their child. They just dont care what would happen to their kids in the end of the day when they blow that bloody dangerous smoke on them. For god sake, please go somewhere else to smoke anyway they are yours.

Are they stupid or just act like stupid? We dont even know. Let them decide which group they belong to.

Monday, 12 April 2010


Yesterday, I totally wasted my precious time by watching many video clips at youtube. I was obsessed with Pitbull (gorgeous Armando on earth), Rkm y ken-y, wisin y yandel... ! haah!

At first youtube then wiki then youtube again.....haha... I just can't concentrate on my studies even though I know I'll be half dead this week, so many things to do and I just actually ignore them!

I explored almost everything on wiki and finally I found pitbull official website. Clicked on the link given and suddenly, I noticed that Pitibull will come to Malaysia on May...Arghhh....That gorgeous armando would actually come to msia and I will not be there! nooooo.... (sounds just like I'm going to see him if I was at msia during that...haha in my dream la) Frankly speaking, I never been to any concert and there are many personal reasons for that.

Today, I listened to one live discussion about idol. One of the panel in that discussion stressed out that whoever we like most for example singer, we tend to make them as our idol.Yesterday, I was obsessed about those singers but then when I think about it again, it just waste of time. I can't really make them as my idol. For idol, I need to find someone who has good background, education, I guess. I'm not saying there are not good in both aspects but I think there must be someone else who much better than them. I love their music and songs, awesome! Lets get this straight, I wasn't actually planning to make any singer, actor to be my idol. I got one now and no one can replace him, no naah!

I just wanted to say, if we like someone to be our idol, we need to make sure the background, the attitude, all good values are in him/her so that we can actually be good person in the end. As a matter of fact, we then to follow someone who we think good and this refer to idol. If I'm going to choose a singer as my idol, I would choose Dr. Fazley. I don't know him in person but he is bloody brilliant and successful.

Boys, girls watch out and be wise when you try to find one.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

StoP It!

Bitching about your life on your blog?

To be honest I hate people doing that. Every one stressed but let get this straight. You can do it but please la, not too much!

Readers like me bored to read all your crap!Now, I'm bitching about others, wth...

Not my intention to do that, just want to clarify to others that I hate it!

Back to normal

I changed my blog background for a week, I guess. Then today, I changed back to normal. I do like the background but its kind of inconvenience. Its just looked pretty but inconvenience so decided to back to normal. I wanted to change back to silver moon but I dont know how to do stick to the new one..

Today is the last day of easter break..One month left to study...then exam...These days, Im being more sensitive and emotional...dont ask why, I dont know. Maybe because of too much works to do..

But everything will back to normal starting from tomorrow....

Monday, 5 April 2010

Hair Dresser

I went to one of the saloon here just to accompany friend. While I was waiting for my friend turn, I observed some customers behaviour. Not my intention to observe them, It just that I had nothing to do so might as well do it.

When I arrived there,the is one boy about 10-12 years old,who has been waiting his turn since 1pm and it was almost 4pm at that time and yet, he still didn't get his turn. Poor boy. It was his first time getting a haircut by his own. I can really see his determination clearly to get a haircut by his own. If I was at his place, I will just leave the saloon and go to somewhere else. I hate to wait for hours just to get a haircut. Not worth at all. But being a boy who still in the grow up process, I believe he really wanted to show to his friend that he is now able to get his own haircut and not really mummy's boy anymore. Before this, mom who brought him there to get a haircut and now, he went with his friend. Before this, mom whos arranged the style with the hairdresser now he was the one who decide it. Just like other grown up boys he then asked for the style he wanted. Turn out, damn gorgeous. I like the way the hairdresser style his hair.He then walked home with head held high.

After the hairdresser got the boy haircut done,she then turn to one woman is about 40's, I guess not really sure. It was not my intention too to listen to their conversation but what do you aspect since we were in the same room and that room just fit 5 of us. From their conversation, she told the hairdresser she got 10 children and I just can't believe it. Its just weird for Caucasian here to have more than 2 children to be honest. When I told my friend I got 2 siblings and plus me, so 3 in total, she just astonished since she only has one sister in her family. I just don't see any different there, it just that I had one extra doesn't mean it look weird at all...nooo naah!oh I forgot to mention the style she asked for. She just told the hairdresser to cut her hair short. I was quite surprised why she asked for that since she already has a short hair. The hairdresser didn't question her request since she is one of her regular customer.

I really can't wait to see the outcome. Just wanted to know what she'll look like after that. she's kind of rock coz she got purple + reddish + black hair. Finally, oh my god! awesome. The hairdresser style her hair spiky. If I'm at 40's I didn't dare to take a risk to have a haircut such that. no at all. People here, they just don't care as long as they satisfied with their appearance and that's enough. They don't have to listen to other people view anyway. They can just point out what they want and what they hate. Belong to orthodox malay which manners and culture still number one, I was not allowed to do that. I still can do it but it doesn't look great in my society. but which one we as a whole prefer? orthodox or modern? just think about it.

That's the only two stories I can share while I was waiting for my friend to get her haircut done. It was totally utterly exciting to observe people. There are many people out there and for sure there are many behaviour which we need to discover, LOL.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Babes on the street


Babes these days are updated and 'hot' (shall I say that?) haha, whatever la...

yeah2 hot, but I wasn't one of them. Let's get this straight, I wasn't jealous at all when I gibberish about this entry. It just that they are too much. I could said that since I lived here in this English 'dynasty' hahaha, which I didn't get a chance to attend such dinner at 'grand' and 'cool' hotel. So no chance to show off la kan, bergaya la what I meant. Lived here just gave me a chance to go to pub in any occasion through out the year. haha, best kan?? only one word, bosan!

I do love to show off nih but the thing is I don't really like it if its too much. I feel like an idiot who like an attention from others on that event....For me, just keep it simple, you'll look great.

I hate the part that some girls really want to be updated just like 'org putih'. Its fine, everyone deserve a chance to be whatever they like but I really hate it when they try to adapt it and ended up just like a clown... hahahaha....I'm not being rude, its just a fact. I don't know how lads view this. Just from my point of view, they being too much especially a girl when they wear tudung and a dress.

I know that you tried to look gorgeous but please laaa people, do think before you wear it. Please consider the cutting of the dress, colour whether its suits you or not, don't just put them on you even though it was damn glamorous. To be honest, I do like to dress up but born and grown up in a community which just like kampung, I can't do that...its just my principe and hopefully I didn't break through it.

Sometimes I feel scare to go back to my hometown. Seeing all these girls with their glamorous top + jeans + bags, make me feel I'm just a loser...hahaha over kan>....I just don't get it, where they got money to spend on all those accessories. If I walked on the streets such bukit bintang, those girls will definitely see me as kampung tol budak ni...haha where's on earth shes from?

I dont know whether you people understand what I meant. I don't want it to look obvious, but If you got it, then you know what I've been trying to say. If not, just leave it. As usual, I would say that hopefully I won't be one of them.