Monday, 24 August 2009


Before I start bebelling x tentu arah just wanna wish "selamat berpuasa" to everyone. May this Ramadhan bring good things to us.

In this holy month, we are asked by God to do good things so I decided to share something interesting and we should avoid from doing it. I went to mosque most of these days and got this from there. After we finished terawih, there will be kuliyah and during that, the ustaz will explain the meaning of the surah that they recite during solat. Mom found that all those info quiet interesting so she didnt allowed me to go home early and I was like.....arghhh you know it!

Apparently, when I listened to him, I agreed with Mom. Just now, he explained about "Bomoh" and black magic. He mentioned the surah but I already forgot it...sorry but it doesnt matter as long as we understand the context. What he was trying to say is, as a muslim we're not allowed to ask a favour from "Bomoh" which is practising black magic. Syirik ok! People from the past had done this and we should learn from the past so we won't do the same thing. Even though now we're living in the millineum era, it doesnt mean that we're free from all those " Bomoh " thingy. Again, I agreed with that, definitely.

Some people this day full of hatred inside them. If they want something, they will try as hard as they can to achieve it. Dad, always remind me about that. Sometimes, they will use us to achieve their mission and of course it could be unfair. That is a real world. We can't avoid it but as a good muslim we need to know where are we sitting on this earth. Just need to remember that all those "Bomoh" thingy doesnt stay long. Back to the ustaz, he then stressed that if we want to be a good ummah just remember that this "Bomoh" thingy already exist in the past and we now need to avoid learn or practise it. InsyaAllah, we'll be loved by Allah Taala. We're not suppose to repeat any single bad things that happened in the past. However, we need to know and learn how to make our life more better than people from the past.

Cam karangan la plak but deep inside my heart, Im glad that I can share this small piece of info to everyone.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Mangsa Fashion

slalu kita dgr mangsa dera, mangsa banjir laa but today I want to say something about this mangsa fashion.

nak tau siapa mangsa fashion tu? ok2 let see this pic.

ahaha dont ask me who the hell is this coz I also dont know. just grabbed this from google on weird fashion. Ok2 back to our topic. Nowadays, people crazy about branded items and dont really care about the design of the items. for instance, LV's bag. Ok obviously aku cam anti LV la kan. ahahaha. Buruk2 LV tu pun ramai gak org beli. sebab ape, suma kejar brand nyer and of course if someone carry it we can judge her that she is super rich la kan. Kalo ade org kasi aku free, aku pki la, kalo nak beli tolonglahhhhhhhhhhhh baik aku g travel mane2 lg worth it.

This morning, I read something interesting jugak la psl branded items nih. For people who in middle class yg agak2 nak bergaya cam org super rich tp x berduit cam aku nih, ahaha leh la rent those branded items dgn reasonable price. arrr mesti korg x faham kan camne tuh??
Camni la cter nyer, diorg skang tau ramai yg nak bergaya nih tp x berduit nak beli bag tangan Looouiiis Vuitton tu dgn harga 10k. yo la gaji pun x smpi 2k nak beli beg 10k. so diorg kasi la korg pinjm dgn cara deposit kan duit korg (save deposits) brape nak deposit? ar aku pun x tau la kan. Ok then, you can borrow it as long as you want. They will deduct the rent fees through the save deposits you give. Nak buat harta pun boleh tp nnt korg nyer duit burn la kan.

sampai begitu skali la kan....Aku cter kat mak aku and one thing she said " Yuck!" ahahaha....tau kenapa? mak aku kata eiiii ntah ape2 la org sebelum tu taruk dlm handbag dia tetiba dpt kat kita lak... sungguh tidak hygienic. ye la dah adat pinjam kan. ahaha

Eh, aku rasa cam salah topic lak. ahaha Ok2. I really want to share that info to all of you coz for me something that interesting and girl out there should know about it. Yg aku kata psl mangsa fashion ni, I read my friend punyer friend punyer friend blog just now. She is obsessed with branded items nih. Most of her clothes, shoes, trousers, jewelleries suma branded. adakah aku jealous??? ahahahaa oh tidak kerana aku tidak berkenan sgt cr dia dress up. Ni la yg aku kt mangsa fashion.

She wears everything in one time and aku rasa sgt serabut. ahahaa...ok2 in the first place I dont have right to say anything about people dressing but this is my blog and I can say anything I want..wahahaha sgt kejam kan. X la, she's actually adorable and that's it. suma dah cukup but to look mooore gorgeous she spent I dont know how much tp byk la beli benda2 nih. Kalo aku x beli ar, even though brand nyer sgt famous tp buruk cam LV. ahaha lagi2 LV. Habis pahala aku kutuk org. Tapi this is real fact okay. If you want to see this mangsa fashion senang je. G la pavilion and bukit bintang. Gerenti berlambak ini2 mangsa fashion.

Aku ni sedap je kutuk org cam aku dress up cun la kan...ahahaha aku simple je ape ade aku bedal je. To be honest, I like branded items juga but I always tgk my pocket first. cam ni la bdk akaun kedekut.ahahaha. Different people views it differently. so aku ni termasuk dlm golongan yg simple and maybe that girl belong to "up to date" group and berduit. org yg x duit cam aku duk senyap2.

But today's fashion is too much. Kadang2 aku terfikir gak, knape la kita boleh jd mangsa fashion ni? hmmm no one know. Ntah2, aku yg conservative. ahaha. Anyway, I just pray that I will not belong to that group and pada mereka yg mangsa2 fashion, please arr sgt pathetic kot. Korg sudah gorgeous just be urself. Org lawa akan ttp lawa walaupun simple je dressing mereka manakala org yg gemuk, pendek dan " sgt cun" cam aku ttp cun...ahahahaha