Monday, 27 June 2011

Boom bada boom

Nothing much to brag about.

Too many things happened in one time and I dont have a gut to tell everything.

At the moment, I really like to listen to nicky minaj, super bass. Last time, used to hate her since her songs not really good. But this one, so-so. At least the rhythm is still there.

Rap songs sometimes help to make ur soul peace at least for few

Dont consider the lyric coz for sure out....but as long as the beat is super disco then it should be ok.

I'm not sure why now my taste is a bit differ than last time. Now, I can consider slow, jazz songs. Like Adele songs, not bad at all. I love her ascent as well as lily allen and of course drama queen, Amy winehouse. Reggeaton, a bit slow now since its hard to sing without the lyric.

But overall, 90's songs is the best. Handsome boy band, super posh girls group(just spice girl though). I was a kid during that time but music was my world. I'm not ashamed to confess that during that time, I had lyric books. HAHAHAA

Even my friend, she's super cool. Everytime she accessed internet, she will find songs lyric for me. She knew that I'm a big fan of bsb, sclub7, +++++ etc. She printed all the lyrics and got it posted to me. OMG...she's the best man! superb!

That was ages ago. Now, I can't be bothered to look at the lyric...since most of it full of rubbish. But certain songs, I'll definitely listen and digest a bit...

Time flies, now dont have handsome boy bands...Just a small kid try to gain popularity...LOL

I've grown up so much so can't be bothered to listen to naive kid! hahaa Just kidding!

**resource - google

Friday, 3 June 2011

Did I leave my shovel in my own grave??? I dont think so!

Hello (british accent)...

Its been a long time I didnt touch this page. By now, it may full with spider web...haha turn on the hoover coz we're about to clean it off!!!

Actually today, I'm having a bad day. Not really a bad day but I hate the fact that someone actually played a game with me and now, flying up high white flag. Have you ever had bad experience with beauty saloon?? I had 2.

First, totally suck. They just touched a bit my face then ok give me 300 bucks! Serious man, I feel like I want to kick them. To add on, they forced me to listen and buy their label. I told them clearly at first that Im not going to buy any product but these stupid school drop off who is now acting like a doctor in beauty center actually told me, they are not actually marketing their product they just recommend a good stuff for my poor skin. They used my skin as a reason. Hey friend, I got an A in marketing, please laa dont bluff.

Second, it happened at 11am this morning. I purposely went to this treatment for my friend sake. In this condition, I already give up in beauty treatment coz now I only depend on doctor medication which is fair enough for me. At first, the so called "experience" consultant, consulted me and told me the price for today's treatment. Im ok with it since it looks reasonable for me. Then, I gone through the treatment and I should say, first class, excellent. Then, when it came to the payment, the consultant asked me to pay 3000 bucks. Holy cow! gob smacked! She told me before I start the treatment that today's treatment will only cost me 250 and suddenly she's asking for 3000 bucks from me. What the hell is that??? Seriously my face turned to red and all the good treatments that I enjoyed and envy just now turn to something useless and pain that I gone through just now is still in the air. Its really a pang to me!

I told her I didnt say that I want to commit with this package, but she said I can give you so many benefits like free body detox, serum. Again, I got an A in marketing, Im not stupid! She said this is for 10 session but I don't know whether she knows math or not. 250 x10, shouldn't be 3000, am I right? She still not give up with me, Then she's asking for half. Hell yeah. For God sake, Im not going to pay something that I didnt use. She said since I dont have enough money to pay it so why not 300? Hellloooooo Im not blind nor deaf man. I still can see and listen to ur stupid reasons but not going to digest anything that you said. At last she said, ok 260 is the final. God, if you gave me a chance to escape, I'll definitely do it, not going to think twice. I'm fed up with this kind of drama....

Moral of the story, dont believe to this type of business. You can still deal with them if you have enough money to commit. For me, I'm like digging my own grave. Youngsters, and to myself as well, we shouldnt commit to something that involving credit card. Just like my situation! Thank God, I pay them cash!

p/s: to M, Im really sorry. I know that you really concern about me, you want to end up my suffering, I really appreciate your kindness but the truth is I can't afford to pay for this luxury treatment. Im so sorry! Thank you so much x