Monday, 25 May 2009


Me now, in the hols mood. Actually my exam still on going.....I got 2 papers left, law and audit

By this Wednesday, after 4pm, I will be free, and that's it. Move to the next phase this coming september, 3rd year.. cam x caya 2nd year will be over in a few days lagi! Feels like just yesterday I started my 1st year...ahahaha....mimpi je la tuh....the real fact is I almost ended up my 2nd year. cepat nyer masa.

me will be getting busy by the end of this week, packing, shopping a bit for family back at home, move out from friars avenue, damn! byk gler benda kena buat. but really looking forward to that. summer holidays will be begin next week....woooooooooooooooooyeaaaaayyyyyyyyyy

got so many plans for summer hols, just tak tau cukup masa ke tak nak wat before blk msia. Hopefully sempat la.

x sabar nye nak hbs exam!!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009


My first paper will be on this friday, 15th May. Start with business economics, good start I guess... The following papers will be finance and Quantitative methods. My last 2 papers will be on 26th and 27th of May which is law and audit.

For the last week of exam, I can say that my mind will be somewhere else...prague may be, vienna ye kot...ahahaha....cant wait to start our journey. Now, Im stuck with piles of books and papers. Need to do a lot of revision before the exam start. I will try my best to do it. I also suffered from....kind of insomnia. Dont know why it happened to me. I just cant sleep at night. I lay down on the bed but I really cant shut my eyes. Its painful somehow but it is not the end of the world. I'll be fine soon.

During this exam week, I just cant stop just become one of my routine now. Wake up early in the morning and go straight to my study desk to switch my lap top on. Then start facebooking. Its really addictive. We can say that, one of the millennium disease...ahahaha maybe kind of.

I went to collect my assignments result this afternoon. Guess what the results is?? My prediction was 100% correct. I failed my statistic test....poor me. It was my fault. I didnt really studied on that. I was messed around that night before the test taken place. And during the test, I didnt got enough time to complete everything...But im grateful that my marks doesnt turn out so bad. For finance, I got just an average marks. Still grateful on that coz I did it last minutes. Now, Im not going to bother what marks I got for my assignments. Just want to concentrate on the coming exam. I believe that I still have chance to perform well.

Tomorrow, my friend will go home for good. I will definitely miss them especially little cook. Her name is Elena. She is my friend's first child. so lovely. She is one and half year, I think so. Im gonna miss colouring session with her..One thing about her, she really like to colour picture. Even though she is still small but she really interested in colouring. She will start new life in KL soon. oh gosh, it will definitely differ from here. She was born here so it must be awkward for here to stay in KL. She's get use to it later. The important fact here, Im going to miss my little cook...waaaaaaaaaaaaaa...Maybe I can meet them after I reach KL this June.
I have to go now. Need to pray..... see yaa soon xxx

** adorable elena....small cook

Monday, 4 May 2009


Damn, Im so tired now. Today I baked cookies for Faye. She asked me to bake her cookies since last saturday...I wrote on my facebook's status last saturday that I was baking that day.
She saw it and asked me to save some for her. She wasnt at bangor last week, went to cardiff. At first im so lazy to do it again but since tomorrow is the last day of class so I decided to do it. I didnt expect that it will be so damn tired. Last saturday, I just helped kak hana and today I made it on my own.

At first, I was so excited to do it. Went to morrisons, bought everything, chocolate chips, cherries, butter, all stuffs for making cookies. When I came home, I started to make it. I was assisted by cik kam and kak hana. My first attempt, ahaahahah seriously failed!!!

I didnt know where it went wrong. Even my Guru, K.hana, she didnt know why my cookies look so ugly!! At first, we assumed that I put too much chocolate chips in there and because of that the mixture was quite heavy so the shape will look a bit weird...but then when she's going over her recipe again, we then know where I went wrong.

Instead of put in 225 g flour in the cookies mixture, I put 125 g flour. that's why my cookies look so weird and awful. May be I overlooked....yeah I guess so. Later then, I made a new cookies mixture. Stress betul buat cookies nih!!

**cherry flavour

Finally, berjaya juga but the cookies shape was not really cute! ok laa... I really hope that Faye didnt mind about that.... Now, I just want to sleep and sleep....I will bake more after the exam over..If I still have time laaa...if not, beli kat kedai je la jawabnyer.

**Fudge and sultana

** for faye!