Sunday, 28 November 2010


whip my hair back and forth , 4x
I don't know why I keep on singing this song...from willow smith, cute kid with loud voice.

Today, I didn't do much. Flicked friends photo albums on facebook. Most of us had already graduated since July until now. So every album contains lots of photos on graduation/convocation day.

Typical graduation day in my country, one that day, the graduates will receive bouquets of flowers, cards, teddy bears, chocolates and etc. Even near the graduation hall, they are many stalls open and sell those cute2 things. The graduates normally will dress up in a good attire on that special day. Boys they always buy a good suit. Can be black, blue or any colour they like. Girls, this is the best part. They normally spend hours even a week thinking what really suit them on graduation day.

Me, I did spend time thinking of my attire but I ended up with grey suit. It was damn simple and very last minute. Luckily, my attire was okay and I didn't go overboard. In the UK, the graduation day is really simple and the graduates normally wear like a professional. I noticed one thing about british, they like dull colours like black, brown, white. They didn't go for colourful shirts. Its really rare to see them dress up with many colours at one time but they do wear something colourful during summer but still not like in my country where everyone like bright, flowery and colourful shirts.

When I flicked through my friends convocation photos, I feel a bit jealous on them. They dressed up like wooow, boom I should say. From head to toe, damn gorgeous. Their dress, custom made! LOL. But I really grateful that I graduated from UK and I don't have to spend so much money on my dress on my graduation day. I wasn't working at that time so no money to spend on dress, fair enough. Plus, I don't think bright colours suits me well.. but still I think they were hot on their convocation day!

Secondly, they got so many things on graduation day. teddiess, chocolates.I didn't get any thing except for handbag from my parents. anyway its cost a fortune, so be grateful. lol
We didn't have a single booth selling those items during that day. But we did have booze booth and small food booth. That's why I feel so jealous on my friends convocations coz they got so many thingsssssssssssssss..............hahaha childish eh? totally!

what I got for my graduatin day, black colour. my lucky charm.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Elegant vs cute

First of all, I would say, elegant will win my heart. cute, no naah! haha

I believe that most of asian like cute thingy. From a pen to actor, must be cute. Whatever they do, they like it to be cute. Me, I don't really like to be cute. Bogus!haha, strong word eh? lol. This entry is actually everything about what I like and don't like. Lets compare what cute thingy that I don't like with my elegant thingy which I loike!

1. cake

Cupcakes are not new thing now. everywhere you go, you'll see them in every bakery. This obsession continues as seller started using facebook, blog to promote and sell their custom made cupcakes. New trend, cupcakes take over sponge cakes on engagement party as well as wedding reception. For them, those cupcakes are pretty and really made their day. As a conservative and orthodox, I like something that luxury and elegant so I would go for frosted fruit cake. I don't want small and cute cake. I want something that big, luxury and magnificent.


2. dress

they think this is cute but me don't like it at all. I prefer something like

elegant yeah?? Hell yeah!

3. room

Cute bedroom always in pink colour. I like pink but when too much, I feel sick. White or peach is super better and perfect.

thumbs up

cute but I'm grown up

4. car

never ever! haha

I really like to have this one! totally elegant

There are so many elegant thingy but I'm starving right now, continue later maybe! we'll see.

Sweet tooth

Sweet tooth, fit me well! I'm missing having all those sweet delicacies. I wouldn't mind spend so much money on them. It such a great satisfaction by having sweet things. Let list down what are they.

Fudge. Any flavour will do but my favourites are double chocolate fudge, choc peanut butter, mint and vanilla. But I think the one with jack daniel, rum or baileys fudge look great as well. Sometimes when I go to fudge store, I couldn't make a decision on which one I should buy. I ended up with buying many flavours at one time. Pretty generous eh? lol. If you go to harrods, I won't advice you to try their fudge. For me, its not chewy enough, too sweet and not creamy at all.

Brownies. When it comes to brownies, I can't stop myself from buying it. Its like awww, I can't tell. I love it damn much. I always craving for this half cake. The texture is quite chewy and very very chocolatey. Not going to share it with anyone. Hahaha

macaroon. obviously this is new obsession to young people these days. It wasn't new in the industry actually. The price is quite expensive and that make a good reason why people don't really consume it. I tried it during my trip to Belgium. In Belgium, they have a good patisserie as well as good chocolate maker. The taste is like ice-cream but I was told by the patisserie that it is not an ice-cream. Fair enough, everyone know that it doesn't look like ice-cream at all.

chocolate pudding...hmmm drooling. I don't mind any chocolate pudding will do, asda, tesco, even iceland. The melted chocolate on the pudding really made my day. I won't think twice if they have an offer on chocolate pudding. The one with golden syrup, its pretty soggy. Don't really like them. Switch on ur microwave, put in there for 1 min, then enjoy it while its hot. Damn good!

Apple pie with vanilla ice-cream. I used to have my not so apple pie, apple struddle. Both have apple underneath of the pastry or roll but the one that I had without ice-cream. In vienna, in their summer palace, they grew apple and to make use it to the last, they like to prepare apple struddle. Every visitors who visited their bakery section will be given apple struddle and if they like it, they can buy it from there or even the fills are also available, in case they don't want to prepare the fills from scratch. We really enjoyed our apple struddle until we were told that there is rum in there. Guilt around us at that time.

rich fruit cake. People normally serves this cake during christmas but hell yeah, who cares if I eat it anytime, lol. I thought that the frosted sugar damn sweet but believe me it just ok, seriously.

German gingerbread. I went like lunatic when I saw this at Lidl. Fair enough since Lidl is one of the german stores,lol. I would guarantee that the taste is really different than other sweet things. It is not like any other cookie, they have soft structure and bit chewy. If you go to one of the german christmas market, go find one and taste it. The taste is like marmite, either you love it or hate it.

oreo cheese cake. I bet you that I can finish the whole pan without anyone help. lol. Some people they prefer baked cheesecake but for me go away if you like that one. It just like a fake cheesecake since you mix the mixture with flour. I really and always love the one that unbaked. You'll definitely enjoy the cheese and the sour cream. Damn creamy, luxury dessert.

Discussing about those delicacies make me starving. Awww, too bad I can't really enjoy them here.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Saturday afternoon

why it has to be so sleepy after taken meal?? I was wondering about this since last night. I had my dinner quite early yesterday, 7pm. I did plan to do my work after finished my dinner. Unfortunately, I ended up by taking a nap. I tried to force my eyes not to shut but then, failed. I'm having a same situation now. grrrrr

I have many things to settle before monday. In this condition, I must say that its really hard for me to concentrate on my work.ooh noo. damn it. I'm scared that I will fall asleep if I keep on looking at those financial statements. But I don't have any option though...come on strive to the future...haha random.

Back to work!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Beware people! I'm going to start my entry with negative thing!

Hahaha Gotcha!

I just want to clarify here that I'm sick of hearing people problems. Sometimes I don't understand why people like to create problems. It didn't stop there. They then don't know how to handle it and make it worse. I don't care if they messed up with their life but I do care if their problems made my life miserable.

Being grown up, we should act maturely. In other words, avoid troubles and leave our child life behind. Some people still don't want to move on, childish, I should say. Speechless.


Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Eid Mubarak

While everyone busy with eid preparation, cooking, fasting etc, I was so busied with my online scrabble....

Bad thing about online game, you can't get your eyes off from it. 24/7. I'm addicted to it now. My brain like a plant busy with production line, LOL. Anyway, just wanna wish everyone EID MUBARAK.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

True love

I think about you all the time
One look, my knees get weak
Practically die
So hard to sleep
When i'm so close to this dream coming true
True, True
How do I tell, tell you?

I can't speak
I'm terrified
Cause if I
Say the wrong thing
You might see how hard i'm trying
Is this made up
Or true love
Is this true love

Walk by and i'm a nervous wreck
The way you smell
The way you dress, is so perfect
My tongue is tied cause
I can't translate these feelings inside ide ide

I want to tell you my secrets
I'll tell you everything
My heart is racing
I'm waiting for some time from you
How do I say it to my True Love
Tell me you feel it to my true love

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Thank God, I'm still alive

Its been a while I didn't update anything..

This Deepavali holiday supposedly to be a good hols. Me, I didn't really make use it till the last. Spoilt it by forcing myself to be in hunger state for 2 1/2 days. I know its stupid but only God knows what I had done. silly.

I can't imagine how those people who suffer from anorexia or bulimia. 2 days without food, God, I'm dying. I tried to put myself in that situation but failed. I wanted to do it like 4-7 days..but couldn't get through.

To reduce weight so drastically is not my option at all. I'm happy with my weight now and don't want to be so desperate like others in reducing weight. Its suck!

Frankly speaking, it wasn't my intention to reduce weight. Something happened and because of that, I lose my appetite. It was my fault anyway. I chose this way though so no regrets.

The point here, I must confess, my life suck without food...LOL
so don't worry I won't get anorexia or any disease relating to that.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

God, I miss student life