Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Hey respect me when I'm using the highway man!

Finally, I changed my page layout. At least better than last time...

Nothing much to talk about...but this topic came across me since this evening..

I was driving home around 6pm just now. When I almost reach toll counter, we had to queue to wait for our turn. Then, came one SUV wanted to cut queue..TBH this kind of attitude, I don't like at all. Cruelty was all over me and I can't control it so I didn't give him chance to join my queue.

This morning, everywhere was so damn jammed. One of my colleague, she told us that she tried to switch lane but did it illegal (cut queue)...One lady stopped her and raised her hand as a sign she against my friend action..Then when she reached office, she told us about that...Then another friend asked her whether she tried to cut queue..she admitted. So who's fault is this???? I didn't comment anything though.

We always create rules and at the same time, do something against rules that we already created. Some says, "Rules are made to be broken". In the first place, why we need to create one if we already knew that we're going to break it???

But its simple. Discipline and good attitude help a lot in this matter. You can drive luxury car on the road but if your attitude is super bad, no reason for other people to pay respect to you.