Monday, 30 November 2009

Howdy friends...

Its been along time aku x update blog ni, sgt mls since skang super duper busy. x la busy sgt pun sbnrnye....standard aku la...malas..

Ok skang ni Im so busy with coursework, nak hbs sem ar byk la yg nak kena hantar, awl2 dulu mls nak buat skang terhegeh-hegeh la siapkan.... another thing, I actually joined the IBM contest since one of the group member kuar x tau la knape, then marwan invited me to join them, thank god finally got it....I was so happy when he called me and invited me but then when I went to the meeting, damnn...I was quite left behind and I hate it. really need to catch up and to be honest, I felt that I want to quit but then think about it again, marwan already gave me a chance to join then I spoil as a result, I just go with the group. Game x la susah, but I need to do some calculation part and have to be good in business practically. My group members consist of 2 chinese and 2 caucasian. Chinese guy in my group was extremely good in business even my group leader actually depend on him. every week he came out with all those market ratio, market info ohh whatsoever la....gler brilliant! as usual I just stared at them since im not business student but I did the calculation part ok! Now, we just wait for the last trading result for round 1, if we get through then we practically get to the semi final which held around uk, london, birmingham, ediburgh...lets pray to Allah that I can make it! really wanna be in semi final!

ok2, enough for IBM. last 2 weeks, I went to manchester and of course la singgah primark...primark ni kedai baju yg sgt murah dan cantik but the quality not really good. basically what you paid, then you got it la. I dont care about that, I spent 60 pound la kan, wahahaha....x leh blah kan. skali skala ok la kan. tetiba teringat something. people when they're not rich they will go to some kind of this shop la kan but when they rich, they just pretend dont know this shop. Hey boleh jalan la......I hate this people, cam lupa daratan laa kan, dulu masa ko susah2 same2 je g dgn aku, primark la kan, but then when you tetiba kaya, ko tengok aku pun x nak....GTH la. When they got JIMMY CHOO, oh god, I dont know primark, where is that?? ahaha bodoh sungguh! ok actually, i wasnt refer this to primark at all, sape yg mkn cili terasa la pedas nyer.... mls nak terang pnjg2, biar aku je la yg faham.

oh x sabar nak cuti. this year im not going to europe, mahal ok and x untung langsung. uk currency dropped from last year so mmg x untung. This year jalan2 uk je la kot. duit lg mau kuar.........argghh. Esok start december, one month before new year..... sungguh cepat! then exam, then class, cuti, exam and finally grad! keje then! arggh bosan sungguh! bleh tak x keje??? ahahah, ok you can kick me!