Thursday, 28 January 2010

Mimpi, impian dan berangan

certain benda we can just dream off but we can't actually achieve it. orang kata kalo kita usaha for sure la leh dapat kan. tapi x jugak la sbb certain impian kita sgt2 la impossible utk jd kenyataan. so as a result we can just dream about it.

I was the one with that all nonsense impian...ahahaa...I don't care if anyone would say I'm lunatic but for me, I have right to dream off about anything since I know I can't achieve it..

Berangan is the best activity I can be honest itu je cara nak syiook sendri ahaha...tapi from berangan la kita start usaha utk dptkan satu2 benda ak?? fair enough.

Kita leh berangan mcm2 la..byk category la kan, academic, wealth (ye la aku kan gler ching..ching)..whatever might suit you...stakat ni aku berangan nak grad with flying colours la kan...bangga mak ayah aku.

whatever it is we should berangan to be the best we can, we are given a chance which only comes once in our life time so better appreciate it before it's gone and leave us behind.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Not fancy of exam but a few great thing happened and I love every bits of it!

First day, turned out to be shitte for me and not for others. I dont know what happened to me on that day. The questions were damn easy but I can't really answered it! poor me!

Second day, quite good. Thanks Lyn!

Third day, kind of great. Alhamdulillah even though I just goreng2 the essay but at least much better than audit exam. Thank God for that.

Forth, Fifth and Sixth straight away till this friday. Awful!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Boringkah life as a student?

firstly, dont get me wrong by the title of this entry. Im just asking urs opinion about student life.

Some might say its quite boring since we involved too much in exams and assignments. im not saying its wrong coz everyone get different point of view.

I love being student and really want to be a student forever and ever. I know the reality is I need to find job someday and kick out my student life by then. It is not easy to find job now since recession hit most country and I hate that fact. To get a job you almost begging to other else and I already done it before. Its crap! In reality, bucks is good but job is suck! ahaha

Being student, I dont have to think where I can get money to back up my studies which lucky am I now. Good though! Thank God for that. People usually say we normally appreciate things after we miss it. I truly, utterly agree with that. I really appreciate my student life now since I think my student life almost over and going to miss it. Im getting older these days and I really know the fact that I can't turn back time but move on!

People, dont hate ur student life coz someday you'll regret it. Im saying this just to get some moral support before facing my winter exam starting on 12th January. Gosh, got 6 papers and Im half dead, doink...doink.