Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Milan and Malaysia

Balik from milan and guess what I've got?? makkk kulit ku hitam.burn. damn gler...milan was damn hot...panas gler la sampai hidung aku berdarah! But I really happy coz I got United colors of benetton bag and it was pretty awesome! LV?? x mampu la..eventhough harga nyer x la mahal sangat but buang duit la kan if i buy one.

one LV's bag can coz you like 750 - 2000 euro kot...im not really sure coz I just hang around for a few second je dlm kedai LV tu...bosan la...corak suma same...gler x berkembang corak dia! aku pun x faham why people willing to spend thousands euro to buy this little thing yg x la cantik sgt bg aku.

went to prada store and the price was so expensive....corak pun hampeh buruk gler. at least lv ok la skit even thouh corak almost the same. I didnt have any intention pun nak beli one of those branded bag coz at that time so pokai nokkk...ye la dah jalan sakan sangat before pegi milan.

singgah kat UCB, at first glance je kan, aku dah berkenan kat bag comey itu...and terus2 ajak k.shikin masuk UCB store...tempting gler benda alah ni....i really want2 this bag(monolog dalaman) ahahaha poyoo jer aku nih! I just grabbed it and terus g kaunter bayar....ahahaa....x leh blah kan!

Arrived at manchester airport dalam pukul 9 mlm, then drove home smpi dlm kul 12 lbh gak la....packed all my stuffs coz esok nyer nak blk KL dah...I was so excited and dont want to sleep coz my train will be at 6am tmrw. last2 tertdo gak...penat gler blk dr milan. soon arrived je kat manchester airport pg jumaat tu, starving la plak....and the best part is I have to take my luggage with me all the time....mmg shitte...berat nak mampos.

I was one of the earlier passenger yg checked in my luggage...thank God, 30kg each person! Lega gler, I thought that 20kg per person...ye la emirates skang dah generous skit kasi sorg 30! yeay....suka tol aku x kena bayar...kalo exceed mau beratus pound aku kena bayar! gilooo! x mau den!

Sampai kat dubai, aku excited juga! ye ar lagi 10 jam aku akan smpi KL....turun je dr flight...jamban la aku cr dulu....ahaha...sorry la agak tak senonoh! then sembahyang siap2...lega aku benda wajib dah lepas! Then I tried to find my gate to KL. perfect dah jumpa..aku pun dok la tepi tu cam pendatang tanpa izin kat tepi tu....bodoh ar dubai nyer airport ni! airport skit punya lawa kerusi x de...hampeh. before duduk, aku pun:

aku: excuse me(sopan gler)
amoi : ..................
aku: excuse me
amoi : ..........
aku: (x leh jadi amoi ni, pokak benor!, aku acah2 tangan ar kat muka dia)
"Excuse me --dgn melambai2 tangan ku didepan mata nyer--)
amoi : yes..
aku : can i sit next to you? (ar dengar pun...penat aku panggil td)
amoi : can2..... (sambil alihkan beg dia)
aku : thank you (sambil amik tmpt duduk)
amoi : i think they should provide more chair to us
aku : yeah(dlm hati, ntah bodoh tool airport lawa kerusi tadaaa)

duduk la aku di tepi amoi itu dan tepi aku sblh kanan lak pokok bunga....tnggu nyer tnggu....sempat la aku g toilet 2 kali, skali flight delayed....arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
geram sungguh...aku benci tol la bab2 delayed nih! aku pun ape lagi, berbekalkan ipod kesayangan ku itu, aku pun meng-log in internet...thank God ade gak internet...I was so thankful at that time...kalo x de mati kutu aku kat situ.It was 3 am at that time

At 5 am, we were allowed to go on board. We're supposed to arrive at KLIA at 2.30pm on saturday but then we arrived at 4.30pm. Alhamdulillah, everything went well. Skang ni kan msia tgh kecoh2 psl H1N1, sesampai je kat KLIA, mamat pengawai kesihatan tu pun..."ar fill up the form arr" aku pun ye2 tau la

nasib la masa aku sampai tu, hari agak2 mendung so x panas sangat la...tapi hari ni je, aku rasa nak jeritt je...........knape la bumi msia ni panas sgt???
makkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk..........rase nak balik uk balik...gler x sedar diri aku ni...
serius panas gler.bila kat uk lak, sejuk nak mati. arr bykk la complaint. teruk sungguh!
nampak nyer kena la aku bertahan......
balik uk lak nanti, aku pun kena bertahan.

buat masa skang ni, i have nothing to do at home, still jet-lagged. ahahah alasan untuk tdo!

Friday, 19 June 2009

Vienna Pic.

Summer Epics!

Back from prague and can't really describe it. It was totally utterly awesome! cantik sangat2. I was fascinated with the city and really jealous with student who live there! How on earth they can study there?? I just can't believe it was really...really awesome..phenomenal! I bet that england was not that beautiful. Prague was known as a crystal city and I agreed with that. Every single street full of shops selling crystal stuff. People said that crystal in prague quite cheap but for me it wasnt differ back then in malaysia. maybe la murah skit kot! naah I dont know, I wasnt a crystal collector. In prague, they use koruna as a currency. For 1 pound, it will be something like 25 koruna so dont get scared when you see unbranded t-shirt hundreds of koruna!

When we mentioned about prague, my first thought would be communist. Yes, before this, czech republic was under communist colonies. But now, they are free. However, they still afraid of that. biasa la tuh.... First day, we went to prague castle and visited tempat2 sejarah at the surrounded area. Not bad la....suma cantik but as a europe country, cathedral tu ade gak la...perkara wajib tuh, x leh tinggal nyer. We reached at the information centre to buy tickets. Then my friend asked 200++ koruna from me and I was so shocked coz it cost me 200++ to go in the old cathedral. Then again I realized that Im at prague....ahahaha hundreds of koruna just cost me a few pound. We went to the castle, cathedral, old prison and ape ntah....x ingt dah namenyer. But just one word from me, fantastic.

Then, we sempat amik2 and pose dgn askar2 czech yg agak2 kacak! fuh!! best2. During that, I remembered my friend's advice. Kalo jumpa org hensem jgn lak nak pegang2 or touch.....ahahaha..due to swine flue virus nih, he kept on telling me dont do that. Just one thing in my head, sejak bila plak aku jumpa org hensem aku touch...ahahhaha anyway thanks dude for worrying about me! really appreciate it ;)) Hana guided our ways. She has been there last year so she knew the right path. We're fully depended on her. We jalan2 sampai rase nak tercabut kaki. But dont really care about that coz we're too excited to explore prague. Later then, lapar gler. Went to one beriani restaurant and it was superb. kenyang gler. Terus jalan lagi. Petang tuh, we went to kayuh2 boat! Hana kayuh with nora and the rest with me. At fiirst, I thought that didi want to sit at the back so I just took the driver sit with fardia. Then, didi asked me that she wanted to kayuh2....I was so happy coz im so malas nak kayuh2 nih! ape lagi....duduk belakang I just snapped photos of us. so lucky duduk je x wat ape....hehehe...forgot to mention that im mabuk sungai, tasik, laut....kolam x pun. hehehe dah la lepas makan rase cam nak throw up je masuk tuh! tapi dok blakang wowww bahagia! hehe

Malam tu jugak, we traveled to vienna(austria) by bus. It was 5 hours journey. Nothing to see during night so we're just tdo. We checked in straight away after we arrived at vienna. By 11 o'clock, we already headed to vienna city. We then tried to find KFC. Kat vienna, KFC halal...so apelagi....jumpa je KFC, suma senyap....makan dgn gelojohnyer! wahhhh....best2.

My belly was full. gler penuh susah nak gerak...hehehe...Lepas tuh, jalan lagi. This time, we went to Schönbrunn Palace, a.k.a summer palace. Palace ni hanya digunakan ketika summer . If winter diorg akan g duk Hofburg Imperial Palace. Dalam palace nih, x leh amik gambr. It really made us upset coz we already thought that it will be great if we can snap a photo in there. We paid almost 20 euro to join the palace tour. I was so fascinated with the palace interior design. Cantik gler waaa ckp luuu.....and that day, we learnt something about austria history not really austria history kot....more to diorg nyer raja2. These two palace were totally phenomenal. cantik sangat2 and I can't imagine how much they spend to build these two magnificent palace.
We spent almost a day to complete our tour but again it really worth it. Dinner that night, makan KFC lagi...hehehe

Next day a.k.a last day at vienna, we went to Hofburg Imperial Palace. Dalam palace ni ade tunjuk macam mane diorg latih askar berkuda bila winter. I didnt have chance to go in coz we didnt really have time and I wouldnt willing to spend 20 euro again to visit palace...x cukup duit wehhh...jadi la dah g semalam....but deep in my heart I really want to. x pe la...My mission x complete lagi mase tuh. My mission if Im visiting any country I will look for snow globe @ water ball @ whatever... Tempat last ktorg visit, funfair. This funfair quite differ with other funfair coz kat sini ade the oldest ferris wheel. Who ever created it at that time was really brilliant and creative. Kat funfair tu la, I bought Vienna snowglobe. Know how much it cost me?? Holy cow!! 16 euro for nothing. gler cekik darah....tapi nak wat camne, snowglobe collector like me will spend any amount as long as puas hati (even though I already knew that im wasting my money). At last, PUAS HATI. Petang tu jugak ktorg balik prague.

At Prague, we went to old and new town to find souvenirs to family and friends. I bought t-shirt, snowglobe(of course), gelang2 for sis and mum, and honey cake. I just want to laugh when I remember how we're bargaining items. Macam itik cakap dgn ayam coz they didnt understand english and we didnt understand diorg nyer language. siap tanya ktorg balik alas meja dlm english ape....hehehe...lawak tol! x kisah la janji ktorg dah dpt ape yg nak! Setelah jalan2 almost 2 weeks, we already exhausted. This trip was fun and I really enjoyed it. Im now really looking forward to go to Milan then balik msia.

Monday, 1 June 2009


Now im officially finished my 2nd year...yeayy
kind of lega bila exam habis. Thank God!

Straight away after I finished my exam, went home and helped k.hana buat donut. It was fun and awesome. I never thought that making donut just a piece of cake...kacang la jugak. Hasil nya, phenomenal!

Next day, woke up quite early in the morning, then walked to NEXT. I got heels for mama there. Luckily not so high..I really love it. Made with straws(I guess) and beige in colour. On the way home, Pie called me and asked whether I want to join him go to Kak Aini's house. Me and K.hana just agreed coz we dont have things to do and another thing just want to see kak aini since we didnt see her such a long time...she's busy with her work and us, busy with our exams. When we arrived at her place, me and k.hana was so surprised. Kak Aini want to move out from current house. She just called everyone and asked us to give her hand. In the first place, I didnt aspect that she wants to move out. I thought that Pie just want to visit her. Right after that, we helped her move things to her new house. To be honest, I just sat there and watched abang2 move things out....hehehe...didnt do anything...just hang around and chit chat.

In the afternoon, they already tired. Me then, tetiba je....angin x de ribut pun x de, "Pie, jom g crabbing nak ak??" dgn muka penuh berharap. Everyone stared at me. Pie then, "OK, jom la...nak pegi pukul bape?" I was like yeayyyyyy.....suka nyer dpt g crabbing. lame x buat..Last year went crabbing with kak shikin and abg mior. It was fun and I really enjoyed it. This year was so blessed. We got a bucket of crabs. Seriouly banyak. mmg best.

Hari Jumaat lak, went to llandudno. Its a shopping day. Bangun pagi and I was into shopping that day. Tapi....x beli ape sgt...llandudno best cantik je shopping ok laaa.....chester best lagi!

sabtu, went out lagi. party2 with mates kat bangor pier. best juge! sunny all day and panas gler cam msia!

ahad, g umah baru kak betty. OMG best gler umah dia. besar, selesa, murah plg penting dkt dgn school. jealous sgt! noon, went for crabbing again...but this time we got 1/4 of the bucket...sedih gak la

isnin, kept all my stuffs at our new house. sooo penat.

Tomorrow, will go fishing with abg ali. Musim Mackerel now!!