Thursday, 22 July 2010

Ciaattt aka chat Room

Do you ever join a chat room? I used to love this silly thing but now rarely join them. Sometimes its fun. Joined one chat room last night. Its ok nothing interesting but I look pathetic I guess. haha

Im half dead bored. Still got things to do but im super lazy and ended up joined a chat room which is rubbish. Met with many lads with many characters. Its getting weird when there is one girl pm me. Guess what? At first, we were ok but then the topic changed slowly. hahaha....Its not bad as you think actually. I just exaggerate, sorry about that. but you get what I mean..

I thought Caucasian different than my race, but then its all the same. they like to talk rubbish, flirt and sometimes they have low mentality. Im not saying all of them but some of them. My friends at uni they are not like that. Low mentality maybe because lack of education, I dont know just guessing.

Whatever it is, these kind of people whatever race or where they come from, they behave the same way. Is it including me???? haha, I've told earlier, I rarely join chat room, good excuse right?? ;)


speak about technology, first impression, woow awesome, great, superb...
second, brilliant
third, damn youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Today's technology made almost every transaction online. One of the online pros is making thing easier. Yup, I agree with that. The obvious cons is when the system down and everything is on hold. Customer like me need to phone them few times and at the same time, me need to waste my phone credit on that. Damn it!

People would say, come on this only happen once in a while which is true but I hate that. Customer service will pass me to different person and the worst part is I need to tell them again and again what my problem is. Tired ok!

one more thing, sometimes customer service doesn't help at all. what they would say is oh you got wrong person, I'll pass you to the right department. Its really shitee to be honest!

But today, until now, they are really helpful. Let see whether I can proceed the transaction or not. But if it is failed, then I have no choice but to ring them again and tell them from A till Z. What a wonderful world of IT!

Thursday, 1 July 2010


Im so bored right now! We got no internet, no hot water at home which is sucks. No job lagi la............arrr

Bored coz I need to sort things out before I leave for vacation! yuckkk