Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Hatred just kill your life

It is pretty obvious that hatred can kill ourself. Unfortunately we can't get rid this feeling. What we can do is control our hatred.. But sometimes when we can't handle it anymore, out of sudden, it explodes...booooooooooooooommmm....guess what??? nothing serious happen to you, end up in jail or maybe...naahh I don't know. It depends on you but please control your anger and please don't end up your life in suck cellar! never ever!

sometimes we need to express our hatred to somebody else ie: family, friends...anyone else you prefer.... we do feel kind of relief after doing it but when we only keep in ourself, we're just torture ourself...It is not easy to tell people our feelings. Some of them might really want us to share our prob with them. but there are also people who is pretending to be a good listener but in the end they just don't care.....ada aku kisah??? haha I just love that quote. Frankly speaking, I was one of them sometimes...I dont want to be rude but the thing is sometimes their problem is just crap...rubbish! It just silly foolish thingy which can't be called a problem! and sometimes too childish.. Apologize from me for saying that. Sorry for the people who sometimes need to listen to my crap prob....fair enough...LOL

Express our hatred,is it good? or did you feel bad after you express it? Me, I did feel guilty straight away after that but I can't just keep it by myself....I'm now in the process to adapt azwan ali quote "ada aku kisah" haha...silly right but by applying this you just close your eyes and pretend that you didn't see anything happen and just forget about it. which is good sometimes. Your choice! Don't forget, we do have God. Pray to HIM. He will definitely sort it out for you...

Whatever it is, do choose a good path, don't do any stupid things, do love your life and just follow the flow of this world nicely. I'll try to warn myself as well! We human sometimes do silly things but we know we can actually prevent it from happen...


Monday, 15 February 2010

Converse Addiction

Obviously I'm not a teenager but wish to be a teenager again..naah we can't turn back time, do we??

Ok2 straight to the point, I woke up at 2am last thursday then checked my email via ipod. Received an email from amazon about the shoes sale and I didn't give a damn at first. Suddenly it came to my mind....I was wondering whether they have reduction on converse. I used my ipod again to browse the amazon....nothing much on amazon but then I found cheap converse. to be honest it was damn cool coz it has nice graffiti but the background is white which I'm not really fancy off...

I just can't decide whether to buy it or not since it was damn cheap. I switched on my lappy and checked out the converse again.....see i'm addicted to converse....I was browsing converse in the middle of the night...what a joke?? Mom will kill me if she found out what I'm doing at that time...LOL...naah she wouldn't kill me but scold and nag at me! for sure!

wait a minute, I still got ebay to compare with didn't I?? yeahhh...I browsed the ebay then. Found really nice one but it was manufactured on 2008 but the price hell cheap...I'm not thinking twice just clicked the 'buy it now' button. hahaha....

I don't really mind about the year or whatever as long as it look cool to me and the price match my budget. By saturday, I got it! yeayy. I love this seller, efficient and effective! But then, I got another problem. I spent 2hours figure out how to tie it nicely. same problem as I got my fist converse. I just wanted to make my converse look cool by tie it in different way than usual.

** new babe!

** My lovely buddy (forgot to mention, my lecturer got same pair as mine but he got the low cut ox, same colour...we used to wear it on the same day and I just can't stopped laughing....he didn't know about this for sure, it just me and alba gossiped at the back..LOL)

Ok2 need to do some other things...update again later!

p/s: if anyone wanted to buy converse chuck taylor union jack, try to look on amazon or ebay but amazon got fixed price which is £49.99 and ebay sometimes they got used one so it is quite cheap but obviously it is used or rare size...they got a new one also...do try to look at those website. good luck!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Motivation, right path

I'm now in week 3, semester 2, literally I got 9 weeks left before my status change from 'student' to 'graduate'...I'm looking forward to that but at the same time, naah...don't want to be graduate coz I need to find job..Because of that, I really need something to motivate me to going through this rough time (not really rough, I just make it sounds hard...hehe).

I just love all the quotes I attached here...Obviously I love motivation's quotes or any cute quotes. Just like to share with others..

This semester I've got so many heavy modules. As a consequence, 6 papers on summer's exam. It would be my last exam and I don't know when I will seat for an exam again. I'll be missed it soon exam, class, friends, cutey lec (ahaha G**, which aku suka kutuk2, but he's good actually), my nice neighbours (because of them I just got an allergy with cheesecake...bengong tul ed and g jugak). Even though those people kind of ngok ngek but still, they're my friends which make me terhibur....ahaha (sorry guys for not attended yours party).

Caellepa 71, 66, 7 pencastell, bella, shahin, jaflong, bangor hg street, all those places will always be in my mind even though I won't be here anymore....sedih la plak bunyi nyer.....

Its ok though, at least part of my life's objectives already in my hand and I need to continue my journey again.

The thing is I'm still don't know where is my journey point to...still blur but I'm hoping that it won't be hard and God please lead me to the right path where you lead your love ones to. InsyaAllah.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Love something and dont even know what to do with it??

If you love something try to grab it but if you fail to do so but really want to just let it fly high....if it is belong to you, maybe someday it will return...and during that maybe it is yours.

let it fly.....let it fly....let it fly......it wont be far from you...do try to grab another things...dont have to wait that thing to come back again....time is precious, do use it wisely otherwise you miss something important in your life...

try to achieve another dream, make sure you do the important things first...the "thing" you already let it flown away, if it doesnt come back, just let it be like that...face the fact, strive for your life and your future...you'll win this game, InsyaAllah.