Saturday, 23 April 2011

A dull side of me

Today, I dont have specific topic to talk about but I feel like I want to write something here. I dont have diary or journal so that why here is like my not so diary but virtual note book where I can scribble down anything that I like. I used to have diary before but I stopped writing it at the age of 17. Most of us believe that diary is one of the good medium to voice out anything that happen to us every single day. Let say, when something good happen, then we can record it down so we won't forget it. Even when we mad, sometimes its hard to voice it out so the best way is to write it down. Generally we can say that diary is a medium where we can record our present feeling without letting anybody else knows.

Since diary is a personal thing, we can do whatever we like ie cursing. LOL that is the best part. No one will knows what we actually cursing at, your boss, your friend haha whoever you want. You got the freedom there so might as well grab it right.

After a while, when I read back my writing, sometimes I do feel stupid but anyway I did express my feeling so no harm at all. Now, since I don't have diary, I like to brag silly things here. My feelings ? I normally keep it inside my heart. For me, no point if I voice out. I do voice out sometimes but most of the time, I just kept it inside. Its all because of the laziness inside of me.

cute right my little diary?? lol


who is heartless? Don't know but sure got one.

Friday, 22 April 2011

My not so little bangles


For me, anything that oversized sometimes look good though. Obviously it depends on how that person wear it. Me, I love oversized bangle. I don't really have massive collection on them but theoretically I just love them. At the moment, the assecorize bangle is my fav bangle as well as the oasis. Their are really oversized but I think it looks good on me.

Even though oversized bangle is not really hot stuff now, I don't mind. At least I like something different. There are lots of oversized bangle out there but its hard to find the suitable one. For me, I take into account the design, colour, size and also weight.

After class just now, I bought one, gold. Obviously is not a real gold but it is plated with gold colour. Its oversized but not really big. Here, its hard to find the magnificent one but once I found sure I will lobby my money for it.

Let me show you all what really good oversized bangle from my point of view. Source is from google.

*I'm kind of a dull person, so I prefer something that plain

*So far, my fav oasis without chanel logo

*One day, I need to buy one, damn expensive this one


Now, everytime I go to my training class, first question that my boss will ask, 'what are you wearing for today?' Pointing at my bangle....LOL hilarious.