Tuesday, 30 March 2010


I was here for quite sometimes. exhausted + tired+ whatsoever la..

Interviews?? haha can't comment anything. Hopefully one of them get back to me.

I went to harrods this evening. I just wanted to buy turkish delight from there as I really like it but when I arrived there, just surprised they already renovated their building but its really nice now. Opss, they just changed the interior design not the building sorry wrong info, haven't go to harrods bout a year so that's why I was quite surprised when I went there.

I really love harrods's products. They know how to attract people to buy their product. In other words, they knew how to market their product without using media such as newspapers. They just designed their product's packaging very cutely and look stunning. However, the brand itself (harrods) its a big name so they actually do not have to do more on advertising.

First intention, just wanted to buy that lovely turkish delight but then when I went to the food hall, everything look extremely beautiful plus delicious u'alls.

haha, I was dilemma what to buy actually. Grabbed 2 turkish delight pistachio + rose and cocoa which I haven't taste yet and hopefully it would be great. Saw fudge. God, I love it! I grabbed cherry bakewell and ape ntah... oh my god, I spent like £20 for turkish delights and fudges.

I really wanted to buy other things but I already spent £20 not going to spend more than that. I would say that harrods full of tourists from every part of the world. some of them just like me, not really spending since harrods is quite expensive but some of them are really rich. They buy LV just like buy ikan. I am so jealous with them. Now Im thinking, how they are managed to buy those expensive stuffs such LV? What thing did make them rich? Do they actually had an important position in their company ie CEO, Chairman or just kuli?? Kawin dgn org kaya?? ahahhaa
I prefer that, kawen with org kaya...it is extremely easiest way to become rich and can shopping at harrods though....best2 rather than trying to be a CEO which is lambat la, even now still didnt get any job yet so still want to berangan jd CEO la, in your dream la.... hahaha...cool ehh...

This entry, no point at all, just wanted to say that I do love shopping but can someone provide me funds (chewahh fund, which not suitable at all dlm context nih).

Thursday, 4 March 2010


Its getting really stress here. Everyone got an interview but not all of them got through....I'm still waiting, hopefully one of good company hire me.

Nia went to deloitte manchester last tuesday. She's got an interview there. Unfortunately, she didn't get through. It's really petrified me now.

I applied for many companies but didn't get respond all yet. Some of them did reply my email and they rejected me coz they got somebody already. I just don't understand why if they have somebody for that position, why don't they just with draw the advert?? doink!

No point to argue. Finger cross! that what im going to do next!