Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Quick One!

I've been wanted to update my blog almost everyday but no time. A bit awkward since I haven't update anything for quite sometimes. Yes, obviously so many things happened these days but not really sure what to mention first. I'm in the mood to review facial products hahaha. Last few weeks, I bought Chanel facial wash and mask. I was so happy since the price is much cheaper than SKII. Very unfortunate, the range did not suit me well. My face started to generate excess oil and finally clogged my pores. Obviously it created more pimples. In my mind, expensive products should be damn good. Back to the basic, Chanel is an european brand and of course it doesnt suits asian needs. Too bad, I dont think I can use it anymore. **sigh** Secondly, from now on, I think I need to write and read more. My vocabulary starting to fade away since I haven't practise it. All of sudden, I feel hard to speak english and sometimes, I cant think the correct words for certain point of time. Its a shame. Thirdly, these days, I can easily get sleepy for no reason. Last time, it only happen everytime I try to read guidelines or any academic material. Now, even though I'm doing calculation bit, I can get easily distracted by this syndrome. Anyone knows how to treat this? I dont want it to last longer coz my colleagues will look at me as though I'm a lazy person at the office. Please...................... Fourthly,time really flies. Now, we already in the second half but too bad so many things pending.**sigh** I really wanted to travelling around the globe, but too bad lack of money and time. By now, I should identified where I should go and have a good time. Any suggestion?? Friends. Really subjective matter. So far, I had met so many types of friends. Some of them, really good one. But the rest, kind of good but.....you can interpret by yourself. Some of it really try to kill you but in a silent manners which is more dangerous I suppose. Anyway, I just try to be me, not too good and not too bad. Just balance. I wanted to write more since I'm really in the mood but need to kick a start for office works. So maybe next time we continue the session? yeah obviously. Ciao.

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