Wednesday, 17 October 2012

CAR.....I wanna buy one. Currently, I'm in love with renault megane. The hatchback. so nice even the price is also nice. At this moment of time, I do not own any but drive dad's car. My dad car is really amazing and last week, I bang maybank gate on my way home. It wasnt my fault actually. so now there are few scratches at the passenger door on the right side. Too bad I have to pay for the repair. A minor touch up will do. Some of my friends they knew about it so they commented that my dad car is pretty big. For me, I'm ok with it. The bang, nothing to do with size, I was careless since it is big. I'm thinking to get a new one since I dont want to trouble my dad anymore. He suggested that I continue to pay the existing benz. I want it so badly but I can't afford to pay it. Monthly wise, I can pay back the loan but I can't afford to top up my fuel, road tax even regular service also. Instead of taking his suggestion seriously, I told him might as well I take a new one which is slightly cheaper. Car hunting seems so exciting but for me its quite tough. I drove 2 benz and a bmw already now I'm facing a hard time. I dont know what type of car should I buy since my expectation and benchmark way too high already. I wanted to buy renault megane, dad gave green light buttttttttttttt...........the price really kicked my butt...damn expensive.. and no second hand value..too bad. I know I cant afford it.... Lancer hatchback also in my list but its not worth it! mazda2, same also. my list also but....not worth it. Dad said might as well look for sedan which is cheaper and worth it. I agreed with him. Yet, I'm still looking for the right one. Not really sure when this going to be over. I have most of cars price but still considering. If you want to know any just give a quick message. I'll tell you anyway. Hopefully my boss will reward me generous bonuses so that I can pay for the downpayment...hehehehe Pleaseeeee.... Ok I'm just trying to brush up my vocab and dont take my writing seriously coz at this moment I dont hv enough money to buy any but feel free to suggest. Gracias amigos.

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